Tuesday, October 30, 2012


While I've been unpacking clothing, supplies, kitchen, groceries etc.  We bought 4 whole chickens, so I cut them into pieces, and made my chicken stock with the bones, skin and leftover pieces.  The parts are packed, listed on my freezer inventory and placed into the freezer in the shed.  The stock is chilling in the refrigerator, and I picked all the meat from the bones.  
My sweet DH has been working much harder cleaning outside!
He has washed all the summer pollen, dust and grime from the outside of my sunroom, as well as the carport and the screenroom on the front of the house.  He even washed the screens, and took the carpet out to wash away the summer soil.

This morning, he worked very hard, taking all the buildings for the garden railroad, and putting them in place.  He then washed all the walls in the sunroom and vacuumed the floor.  I helped clean all the windows, and washed down my cutting table, sewing table, etc.  Then he scrubbed the floor, so everything is nice a clean for me to set up my sewing room!!!!! 

The wicker chairs are awaiting visitors, and my cutting table needs to be unfolded.  

I'm cooking chicken wings in mushroom sauce for dinner.  The wings are browned, onions and green pepper sauted, and the sauce poured over to simmer for a while.  This is a favourite meal that my Mother always made, and I make it whenever I buy whole chickens - I refuse to pay the high price for wings, when I can buy the whole chicken for less $/pound!  Frugal in the little things, so I can have more money for quilting!

This will be served with rice, salad and either steamed carrots or butternut squash.  Yum!
I received some sad news today.  A member of my quilting guild has passed away.  Susan was my first contact with quilting when we moved back to Kingston.  She ran a Project Linus day, and I enjoyed meeting other quilters and helping to complete the many tops that arrived that day.  She also gave me the information about the Limeston Quilt Guild, and I became a member.  She was a wonderful quilter, and will be missed by all. 


  1. That's a lot of work! Must be so nice to have everything all cleaned up. And dinner looks marvelous! :D

  2. I can smell that chicken/mushroom dinner from here. You made me tired just reading all the cleaning you and your DH did today. Enjoy the rest of the week and relax now!

  3. Welcome back to Florida! Always glad when the quilting snowbirds arrive--makes for more excitement in the quilt world down here.


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