Monday, October 22, 2012


Sunday was laundry day - two weeks worth!  Then I began putting items on my cutting table that I knew I wanted to pack.  After a while, I remembered that I had a list in my notebook of sewing items that I usually pack, so that made the job much easier.

With lots of running up and down the stairs, looking for items in other areas, I decided that I had enough for one day.

Today I packed 4 Rubbermaid totes with sewing stuff, a few kitchen tools I can't live without,  some computer accessories, as well as printer cables (we take our ink jet back and forth each year.)  I managed to pack all the quilt kits into the bins as well.  I backed up our firefox profiles, so that we can use the newest one when we get our FL desktop up and running.  I packed my quilt book tote with an assortment of books and files for my self and my quilt group.

Tomorrow, we'll pack clothing, and get the van loaded.  Then I can clean the bathrooms, scrub out the almost empty refrigerator, and leave a note for our house-sitter reminding him about items that he can take home to use.   DH has 2 guitars in cases, an amplifier and his golf clubs - I take more items, but his are bulkier.  He just asked if I had any pictures of the van loaded from last year - it will make it easier to fit everything in!

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