Sunday, November 4, 2018


 We had a good trip south with rain the first morning, but clear sailing for the rest of the trip.  We drive past Orangeburg SC every time and finally took advantage of a stop to visit the Edisto Memorial Gardens.  
There were lots of roses blooming, so we strolled around, looking at all the wonderful colours.  There are raised boardwalk paths along the river, and many other features.  We plan to stop on our way north in the spring, to see what else is blooming in the gardens.  There was a crew working to put up the Christmas displays, so it should be wonderful during the holidays.

We have shopped both days since our arrival, getting the pantry and refrigerator stocked, along with cleaning products and filling a few gaps in our normal inventory.  I unpacked my totes of fabric, and two Rub.bermaid totes of "stuff".  the remaining 2 totes have quilting items that will be placed in my sunroom/studio for the winter.  First we have to do some cleaning in the screen room and sunroom, and rearrange some outdoor furniture etc.  My machine is going in for its annual "spa treatment" on Tuesday, so that will also give me more time to get things organized.

I've been debating on  Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this year.  The colours are intriguing, but we were on the road when they were announced, and I wasn't able to pull from my enormous stash!  Maybe I'll save the pattern and make it when I return north in the spring.