Sunday, May 31, 2015


Fabric used this week  3.875 yards
Fabric used year to date  93.75 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  62.75 yards
Net used 2015  31 yards

I finally made all the quilt storage bags that I need for my entries into Quilts Kingston 2015.  They have to be turned in on Tuesday.
Wednesday night is our final guild meeting of the season.  We always end with a dinner, and for the past few years, the catering has been done by the executive.  I have to make bean salad for 100!  The amounts were given to me by the person who made it last time, but I'll make my own dressing from my Mom's bean salad recipe.
I dug out some orphan blocks to work on, and have finally started something new.  I'll show more tomorrow.  Now back to checking my email, and other computer chores!

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Although my machine has been idle lately, I've still been doing some stitching.
  I still had basted 1/2 inch hexagons remaining from a previous project, so I just had to stitch them together!

I used Thermore batting - super low loft, and great for table items.  I turned the backing edges in, and hand stitched the edges.
  I machine stitched the hexagons, with matching, and variegated King Tut thread, colour #918.  
It is now sitting on my small dining table, with a small vase of lily-of-the-valley, adding lovely scent to the room.

The whole project is just 16 inches across!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used year to date  89.875 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  62.75 yards
Net used 2015  27.125 yards

DH and I had two photography sessions this week, and we have hit the half-way mark of the quilts entered in the show in June.  Our final session is Wednesday evening, and I'm hoping we'll be overwhelmed with quilts!  Quilters are just like everyone - leaving things to the last minute!  There are also quilts out at other shows, so they won't be available until set-up day.

I hope to have some fabric usage to report next week, as I have to make fabric bags for all my quilts, along with a label for each.  I was hoping to begin my next hand-work project, an applique one, but haven't found the time yet.  I also have 2 more quilts to machine quilt for my guild - the remainder of the BOM blocks from a few months ago, (disappearing 9-patches with novelty fabric squares).

I still have to collect my consignment items for the boutique.  The guild earns a 20% commission on all items sold, although the majority of the items are donated.  There are also quite a few quilts in the show that are for sale.  The purchasers have to wait until Sunday evening to pick up the show quilts.
Then there is our neglected garden - small, but still needs work.  We haven't picked out any plants yet, although DH has planted pole beans to cover the arbor.  I have a few irises blooming, with more to come, the lily-of-the-valley by the front door is lovely, and the day lilies and clematis are growing quickly too.  We had frost on Friday night - quite a shock after having some warm, humid days, so I guess waiting until May 24 to plant is still wise!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015


I just realized that it is over 10 days since my last post.  We were at our son's home for 5 of the days....(4 1/2 hours away).  More gardening, grandson time, and his sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday!  It was a small wedding, and we all had a lovely time.  Our 4 month old grandson was on his best behaviour, and his parents even got to eat their whole meal in relative peace.

Here he is in his wedding attire, watching his aunt's wedding ceremony!

The rest of my time has been taken up with meetings.  Quilt show meeting, guild executive meeting, etc.  

DH and I have had 1 of the 4 days scheduled to take pictures of quilts entered in the show.  Those pictures are edited and ready to be organized for the photo CD that will be for sale at the show.
At previous shows, we took the pictures on set-up day, in not always favourable conditions.  I edited pictures all day, swapping memory cards, and continued until 3:30am.  Then DH got up and began burning the CD's so they were ready for show opening!

This year, the show has 282 quilts and quilted items, and we are trying to get as many quilts photographed before set-up.  As is normal for quilters, many are still stitching madly, trying to get their quilts completed.  We have a photo session this evening from 6-10 and tomorrow from 10-4.  I'll be calling more of the entrants today to see if I can book more appointments.
I still have to make bags, with labels, for each of my quilts, and sort out my consignment items for the boutique.  I've already donated several bags full of items. 
DH has also been practicing for the first couple of performances that are scheduled for next week.  He and his partner just spent an hour or so, making a "set list"
Good thing we're retired!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


My mother has been gone for almost 20 years, but she is with me every day.  She was one of the most positive people I've ever met, taking on each challenge with a "can - do" attitude.

When I took dancing lessons as a child, she made costumes each year for the annual recital.  She would move her sewing machine upstairs, and take over the dining room.  Dad hung a clothesline to hang all the costumes in progress.  The year the picture was taken, she made 125 costumes in 2 1/2 weeks!

 I'm checking on her progress!  The hats to my left were for toy soldiers, and one was mine.  My mother even took a millinery course to make her own hats, as well as many of the headpieces needed for each recital.  

She is responsible for my lifelong love of sewing and other needlearts. 

When I was eleven, my mother got her first pair of ice skates, and learned to skate.  She even knit our matching sweaters!

She was my best friend, and I miss her every day.......

Friday, May 8, 2015


Busy, but no sewing!  Mama Mallard is still sitting on her nest.  We try to be quiet when coming and going, but she is getting used to us.  We check on her, but we're anxious to see how she'll get those babies to water when they hatch.

Monday was dental check-up day.  Tuesday I spent some time packing my quilts and other items that I needed for our guild meeting on Wednesday.  Then I wrote the message about our quilt photography days, and sent copies to both guild reps to send to all the members.

Wednesday morning DH and I had our annual check-ups.  Still have to find time to see the local vampires for blood-work!  My brother and his wife are visiting Canada from China, so Wednesday afternoon they arrived to spend a couple of days with us!

Since Wednesday was my guild meeting I took her along.  She had fun talking to many of the members, and took lots of pictures of quilts too!  As soon as we returned home, she sent pictures to all her friends in China, and spent the rest of the evening and part of the next morning answering questions.  It was our second last meeting before the big show - so there was lots of quilt show info shared.  We also had a great guest speaker with lots of quilts in her trunk show.

Thursday morning we decided to go on a Thousand Islands cruise.  They only have one boat running this early in the season, and only the 1 hour cruise, but the weather was awesome - warm, blue skies and light wind - a perfect day for a sail.


Part of our trip was through the smaller channel, used by pleasure boats.  The large channel is used for large ships travelling from the great lakes to the gulf of St. Lawrence and beyond.  We passed large homes, and tiny cottages.

We sailed under the northern span of the bridge to USA.  It connects Highway 401 in Canada to Interstate 81 in New York State.

We sailed around Heart Island so we could view Boldt Castle from all sides.  Our cruise lasted for an hour.  The longer cruises don't start until June.  If you wish to visit Boldt Castle, you have to take a boat from the US, usually at Alexandria Bay NY.

We went out for dinner to a local favourite that has been open for 50+years.  Both evenings the "guys" watched the hockey games - my brother's favouite pasttime.

All too soon, if was Friday morning, and they were heading off to Gatineau, Quebec, to visit friends there for a day or two.  As soon as they left, DH and I met another guild member at the guild's storage locker to get 2 quilt stands and one backdrop for use during our photography sessions.  I'm having pretty good response from quilters, and have quite a few sessions booked.  I've tried to remind them that they can bring as many quilts as they have ready, even if they are still stitching the hanging sleeve on some of them.  The more quilts we photograph early, the fewer last minute edits I have to make, and maybe I won't be one of the walking dead (from lack of sleep) during the whole show!

If you are in or around the Kingston ON area, please plan to attend "Quilts Kingston 2015" June 12, 13 and 14.  There will be over 280 quilts and other items on display!

Monday, May 4, 2015


This is a picture of the front of our townhome, with a few green sprouts in the garden area.  We live in close quarters with our neighbours too.

When we returned north, we noticed Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were strolling past our back garden area.  

A few days later, DH was raking the gardens, preparing to add new mulch, when he saw this peeking from under our Alberta Spruce.
Our next-door neighbours have 3 children, so there is lots of coming and going from their side.  At first, she would be frightened away, but now she watches cautiously, and has even added more eggs to the nest - there were 2 when DH was raking.  We're trying to keep from going past as much as possible.  Our only question is how she is going to get the little ones to water after they hatch.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Fabric used this week  3.875 yards
Fabric used year to date  89.875 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  62.75 yards
Net used 2015  27.125 yards

I've been AWOL the past couple of weeks.   Life is always busy when we return to our northern home.  We've had 2 trips to our DS2's home (4 1/2 hours away), helping our family build raised beds for a small veggie garden, and reorganizing their shed, garage and under-stairs storage area.  Of course, there was lots of snuggle time with our grandson D.

On the home front, I've been catching up with cleaning and laundry, and getting ready for my guild's quilt show in mid-June.  DH and I look after photographing all the quilts in the show, and producing a CD for sale at the show.  In previous years, we've done all the photography while the quilts are being hung, and as everyone knows, it is difficult to get good pictures, due to placement, lighting, etc.  I've spent a while this week finding and arranging for places to do some of the photography before the quilts have to be handed in on June 2.  After many phone calls, I've finally arranged for 2 daytime and 2 evening sessions.

I've also been adding sleeves and labels to my quilts that will be in the show, and I made 8 more luggage tags for the boutique.

Our next guild meeting is Wednesday, and I'm in charge of the social committee for the month.  The group brings snacks for the break, and provides help during the meeting at registration, show and tell, community quilts, the library, and assisting the guest speaker.  Each group is named after a quilt block, and since May is the Bear Paw group, I made 3 inch blocks in spring flowers for each of the members to wear at the meeting.  Those items account for my fabric usage this week.

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