Saturday, June 30, 2012


I hope to spend some time in my sewing room later today.  I have spent the past few days attending the final quilt show meeting, and finalizing all my reports etc.  

I also updated my email account for the family reunion, adding all the changes.  Spent most of yesterday updating the family tree information - I had printed out a set of info sheets for each of my father's brothers and sisters, and asked attendees to edit, add etc., any information that they had on their branch.  There were a lot of errors in the original information I was given, and I'm slowly correcting them.  I also made DVD copies of my Dad's movies of early reunions, along with slides of family events (weddings, anniversaries etc.) for those who had requested a copy.

I set my computer up on the dining-room table, so I'd be close to the kitchen, where I was making strawberry jam.  I managed to make 6 pint jars and 8 half-pint jars.  That should be enough to last us a couple of years or more (unless I give lots away).

DH took me out for dinner last night, and we met our good friends at the restaurant.  It was great not to have to cook, but we both ate too much!

Today I have to catch up on 2 weeks' worth of laundry.  The good thing is that the laundry room is next to my sewing room, so I should get something done between loads!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Used this week 17.375 yards
Used year to date  107 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  108.875 yards
Net used 2012    -1.875 yards
Still in the red, but closing the gap!  I finished the quilting on my hexagon quilt this week - pictures coming later.
Just returned from our family reunion - had a great time!  Our attendance was down a bit, but those who came had fun and great food.  We took our flat screen TV and used it to play some movies that I had transferred to video format - 3 that my Dad filmed of reunions in 1948-1951.  I also had slide shows from several reunions up to the late 60's as well as a few early family weddings.  Lots of people took time to sit and watch the pictures during the afternoon.
We collected enough donations to pay for the hall for the next reunion in 2014, as well as some extras to go toward supplies.
I donate a quilt to the youngest family member in attendance at each reunion.  This year my nephew and his wife were there with 8 month old Addison who won the quilt.  It was an all flannel rail fence scrap quilt that I made a year or two ago.  I'm the one with the microphone, hiding behind the quilt! 

Tomorrow morning DH and I are heading to his sister's cottage home, just south of Bancroft ON for 2 days of R&R.  My brother and his wife, who are visiting from Guilin, China, will also be joining us before they head back home the following week.
Wednesday night is the final quilt show committee meeting, so hopefully they'll have all the finances finalized, and we are all handing in our "after show reports" as well. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've been more quiet than usual, but I've been slowly getting things back in order.  DH helped me to organize all my quilts by size, and to get them re-folded to fit their storage areas.  I also updated my spreadsheet, so I know what I have and where it is stored.

This helped by moving 5 bins of quilts out of our entrance hall - a job I haven't felt up to since the quilt show.  I'm still struggling with a cough and a chest cold  - fortunately my sinuses haven't been involved this time.

I finished my final report for the quilt show committee, along with a page of suggestions for the next show.  This was our first time in a new location, and although the show was a great success, there are areas that need improvement.

I've spent several days this week preparing for my family reunion, that will take place on Sunday at the Brampton ON fairgrounds.  My father was one of 11 children who were born over a 24 year period.  When I was a child, we had huge reunions each June, with all the aunts, uncles and cousins getting together for a ball game, a few games for the kids and a pot luck picnic.  Unfortunately, the annual even fell by the wayside about 30 years ago.  Then about 10 years ago, two cousins decided to try again, and we've been getting together every 2nd year since.  We've unfortunately lost track of some of the branches of the family, but we still get a pretty good crowd.  This year, my brother who lives in China, planned his trip back to Canada so he and his wife could attend the reunion!

I've printed out family info sheets from my genealogy software, and I'm hoping I can get some corrections and updates to add.

DH and I have shopped for disposable plates, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins etc.,  all of which now resides in my hall where the quilts used to be!!!!  We'll be heading out on Saturday, picking up DS1 in Toronto, then heading off to Brampton.  DS2 and his new bride will be joining us there, and we'll have an early dinner and maybe go to a movie.  Sunday morning we'll be up early, and head to the fairgrounds to meet the person with the keys to let us into their wonderful building.  It is air conditioned, and has a full commercial kitchen with a walk in  refrigerator.  We'll have to set up tables and chairs, and get things organized before people begin arriving around noon.

We are taking a flat-screen TV to set up to show some of my Dad's movies of early reunions, as well as some slides of various family events.  I've spent a couple of years transferring them to a digital format, so they can be shared with various family members.

I'm still taking my medication for my "cold", but only at night, as it makes me drowsy.  It does relieve the cough at night so I can sleep.  

Now that my quilting room is re-organized, maybe next week I can actually accomplish something - projects are calling!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Finally!  I found time to finish the quilting on my hexagon project that I worked on last summer and fall!  I was inspired by Bonnie Hunter's hexie project, although I made 1 inch hexagons.  I had begun the quilting before the quilt show, and managed to finish the last of it while I was doing laundry yesterday!!!  I still don't have a picture of the full quilt, or the one I finished before - have to commandeer two tall people to hold it for its final photo on a day with little wind!
 All the machine quilting was done with Superior Thread's Glitter - a hologram mylar type of thread.  I used red (#204), green (#131) and a silvery variegated (#112)  for all the quilting.  I had a few problems with the thread, usually operator error (stitching too fast).  Some days the thread and I behaved better than others.  I think that sewing with non-traditional threads is like putting on mascara - its all in the way you hold your mouth!!!!

I hope to get some pictures soon!  Now off to make a shopping list of supplies that are needed for the family reunion on Sunday!  We expect up to 200+ people, so that means lots of plates, cutlery, napkins, cups etc.!

Check out what others are doing at Judy's blog here!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Between finishing up editing pictures for the quilt show, then coming down with a sore throat, cough and fever, it seems like the week has past without me!  DH finally went to the pharmacy to get me something for the cough so I could sleep, and I'm feeling almost half-way human today.

I still haven't put my quilts away after the show, and haven't set foot in my sewing room all week.  I'm heading to a friend's place tomorrow afternoon, so we can make some more sunhats for all the little ones in her family, as well as begin work on a new purse for her -  she wore out the last one!

Tuesday is a "community quilts" work day - always on the Tuesday after my guild meeting.  I plan to head over to see what I can do to help.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had a wonderful, very successful show!  The visitors kept up a steady stream through the doors of the Royal Kingston Curling Club for all three days.  The staff at the venue was excellent - helpful, smiling, helping to keep everyone happy during the busy, stressful time!  Our guild members all worked hard to make it a success

I was honoured to win a 3rd place ribbon for my miniature quilt.

Each time the two guilds hold this joint show, I think that they can't make any quilts more beautiful , but each show surpasses the one before!

Arianne has some pictures on her blog here! and here!

DH took pictures of each  winner as they were presented their award, and then a picture with each at their quilt.  I spent most of Monday editing the pictures, making sure they were all labelled correctly.  This year, members of the guilds made the prize ribbons, so it made it extra special to win one!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Just a short break - I'm home for dinner.  Quilts Kingston 2012 is up and running at our new location at the Royal Kingston Curling Club on Days Rd. in Kingston Ontario.
There were some learning curves with Thursday's set-up day - new facility (fabulous), new quilt stands etc.  DH started taking pictures of each of the 250+ quilts, as soon as they were hung, and our intrepid crew of volunteers walked miles over the show floor.  I started editing the pictures at around 10am, and continued as they were taken until we headed home at about 7:30.  Took a quick stop for dinner, then continued editing until around 1am.
DH got up early and began burning CD's so we'd be ready for the noon opening of the show.
Attendance has been steady all afternoon, with our lunchroom and boutique doing a brisk business.  CD's are selling well - but we have 2 more days to go.
More later......

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date  89.675 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  108.875 yards
Net used 2012    -19.25 yards
This is getting monotonous - no change again this week!  
I started quilting my Christmas hexagon quilt, but only made a little progress.  
I have to get all my quilts folded correctly and placed in their cloth bags, ready to turn in on Tuesday.  I baked 2 cakes yesterday - they are residing in the freezer until next weekend.  There will be a lunch/tea room at the quilt show this time, and all the desserts will be home baked!
I finally received the files containing all the "artist statements" for the 260 quilts to be shown at Quilts Kingston 2012 show.  I've been busy converting them into usable files to be included on the photo CD that will be for sale at the show.   Thursday is set-up day, and the day we get to photograph all the quilts.  I plan to edit on the fly, taking my computer to the venue, and that way I can get many files finished before heading home.  Last time we discovered a couple of less than perfect shots at about 1a.m., so I don't want a repeat of this!
Once the pictures are edited, I have to begin burning CD's so we have them ready for the show opening at noon on June 8.  At the last quilt show, DH burned CD's all weekend, and we delivered them in batches! 
Check out everyone's stash progress at Judy's blog here.