Sunday, June 3, 2012


Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date  89.675 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  108.875 yards
Net used 2012    -19.25 yards
This is getting monotonous - no change again this week!  
I started quilting my Christmas hexagon quilt, but only made a little progress.  
I have to get all my quilts folded correctly and placed in their cloth bags, ready to turn in on Tuesday.  I baked 2 cakes yesterday - they are residing in the freezer until next weekend.  There will be a lunch/tea room at the quilt show this time, and all the desserts will be home baked!
I finally received the files containing all the "artist statements" for the 260 quilts to be shown at Quilts Kingston 2012 show.  I've been busy converting them into usable files to be included on the photo CD that will be for sale at the show.   Thursday is set-up day, and the day we get to photograph all the quilts.  I plan to edit on the fly, taking my computer to the venue, and that way I can get many files finished before heading home.  Last time we discovered a couple of less than perfect shots at about 1a.m., so I don't want a repeat of this!
Once the pictures are edited, I have to begin burning CD's so we have them ready for the show opening at noon on June 8.  At the last quilt show, DH burned CD's all weekend, and we delivered them in batches! 
Check out everyone's stash progress at Judy's blog here.

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  1. You are really a busy lady. Do I understand that you make a CD of the quilts BEFORE the actual show? Then do you sell them at the show? Wish I were closer to attend the show.


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