Saturday, April 7, 2018


We had a pretty uneventful trip north.  Clear blue skies for the first 2 days, but strong cross winds and lots of traffic on the interstates.  There were dogwoods peeking out between the trees along the highways in South Carolina, and the redbuds joined in as we continued north.  There were a few banks of bright yellow forsythia to add to the beauty.
It was much colder on day 3!  We had grey clouds for the first half of the day, and when we got into New York state, there was snow on the fields and under the trees.   There were 3 deer and a fawn feeding on some green grass in a meadow. We had a lovely lunch before crossing the border toward home.  There was still some ice on the St. Lawrence river, but the sun began to shine as we crossed the Ivy Lee Bridge into Canada.

We turned up the heat in the house as soon as we arrived, and began emptying our van.  There were tubs, boxes, bags and various items everywhere.  We still have lots of unpacking to do, but made a quick trip to the grocery store, and then ate dinner at home!

Tomorrow I'll have to get the bins unpacked, but my sewing room will take a bit longer to get set up.  Good thing I made some blocks to embroider for the trip! 

I hope to be back to my sewing in a day or so.  I also found out that my guild meeting scheduled for the  4th was cancelled due to a serious storm, causing power outages and is rescheduled for April 13th, so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!

Monday, April 2, 2018


I'm off to a slow start this morning.  Yesterday I unplugged my machine, cleaned all the lint out of it, and added a few drops of oil where required.  I polished it with a microfibre cloth, and I even gave the foot a clean before packing.
This morning, my machine was the first think to be packed, along with all the accessories.  I found a few more "orphan blocks and parts" and I'll be taking them north to join the others on my design wall.  I plan to use as many as I can over the summer.

I had cut up some scraps while sorting things, so they are now residing in their tubs to head north.  I have to find my list to see which rulers travel north and which stay in Florida.  I've packed my extra irons and small boards away until next fall, along with all my batting pieces, ready to make "Frankenbatts" for small projects.

I took a break after lunch to check my mail, but I have to get back at it!  Wish me luck!