Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been busy preparing some shapes for hand applique.  I picked up a pattern for a southwest tree of life design when we were visiting Arizona several years ago.  I brought all the fabrics south so I could work on it this winter, but unfortunately it was pushed onto the back burner. 

 I decided to get some of the shapes ready so I could do some hand stitching in the evenings on our way north.  There are still more stars and moons to get ready, as well as flowers, leaves and angels.  I've stitched the tree and the pot on the background fabric already.  I've decided to use a black background, to enhance the bright applique colours.  I can't wait to start adding all the stitched details, but I guess I have to get them appliqued in place first.....

I also had an abundance of 2-patches from my leaders and enders, so stitched them into 4-patches.  The block is called "Grandmothers' Cross" according to Electric Quilt.  I decided to use an "on point" setting, and the blocks have varied "light" setting triangles, using up scraps left-over from the plaid quilts that I made in the fall.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Used this week 0 yards
Used year to date  67.675 yards
Added this week  12.5 yards
Added year to date  101.875 yards
Net used 2012    -34.25 yards

Another fun week - temptation at the store closing added another 6 yards,  then I went shopping again yesterday to pick up flannel to back the 3 baby panels and some fabric for bindings - another 6.5 yards!  I did find some great stripes for bindings that have the colours in the two different panels, and I'll have some more quilts to donate to the community quilts program as well!

Just had a phone call from our friends who are flying from Winnipeg to Orlando.  Flight was delayed, and now instead of them arriving this afternoon,  two of them will be here at 10pm, and the other 2 will be sleeping on the floor of the Chicago airport and arriving around 11 on Monday.  So our plans for Monday are shifted to Tuesday, and they lose one day of their vacation!!!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Furry Visitors

We had Maggie May and Sophia over to spend the day while their human parents were off for a day at the beach.  They were both good snugglers, but I didn't get much sewing done.....
Sophia lives two doors away and visits often.  She was a bit jealous when Maggie May climbed right into my lap.

Today we were off to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival.  It was wonderful, as usual.  The flower displays were great, but we both wilted in the heat and humidity, and came home in time for dinner...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yesterday, instead of my normal quilting group, we went on an adventure.  We met at 9:15 and headed out with 3 carloads of quilters.  First stop was the Patchwork Pig.  We were the first customers of the day, and most left with a small bag of treasures, although a couple had a big bag!  I was good this time, as I had already picked up 29 yards of fabric.  It is sad to see the shop becoming empty, and they will be closing forever on Saturday - a great loss for the Lakeland area.
The red and white print will be a perfect addition to my redwork collection. 
I found the gold and grey print, with gold accents, and had to pick up some coordinates as well.  I know I don't have many grey fabrics in my stash!  That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!

Then we made a quick stop at the Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland.  They have tons of bright coloured fabric, novelty prints, and wonderful coordinates.  Every time I visit, I think there is more fabric!

We finally met up again at Olive Garden, where we had a great lunch, with lots of chat and laughter.  A couple of the "girls"  asked if it was possible to stop at Joanns' after off we went.
It was much harder to keep track of everyone at Joann's, but after lots of searching we were ready to head back towards home.
One more stop at the local Tastee Freeze for a soft ice cream cone - I had chocolate of course, and we finally made it back home.
Next week we are back to our normal quilting day - lots of finishing happening, as we only have two more weeks to go!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I had to prove that I'm working hard even though I'm not counting any fabric as "used".

My oriental kaleidoscope top is finally finished!
Here is one section of the top pieced.  The narrow stripe fabric had to be added to each segment, pressed and trimmed before piecing the blocks.
There is a half block of green as the first border.

 I added another stripe border the same width as in the quilt center.  Then followed it with another plain green border.
I decided to make asymmetrical borders, so the right border has a wide strip of the original fabric.  I try to include a piece of the original so viewers can enjoy the kaleidoscope puzzles in each block.

For the three remaining borders, I made blocks with an on-point kaleidoscope 4-patch in the center, alternating between a dark and a light blue background.  I spaced these squares with more pieces of the original fabric.
Added another strip border.
Then continuing with the asymmetrical theme, I added a dark blue border on the top and left side, and a light blue to the bottom and right side.  I mitered all the corners.

After quilting,  I'll add more stripe fabric as the binding.

Another quilt that is ready to baste is my Christmas hexagon project.
I found the bright green Christmas print in a shop in Virginia, on the way south in the fall.  I machine appliqued the top to the borders, using invisible (monofilament) thread and a tiny zig-zag stitch.
Since I still had leftover squares,  I sat watching TV and pressed them into prairie points.  These have been machine basted to each edge and will be turned to face the outside after quilting.  The center of the quilt has 2343 hexagons and 264 squares to form the prairie points.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nothing to report this week!  Nothing in and nothing out!

More visitors for 3 days this time, plus a day with my quilting group left little time for sewing.  I did manage to get all the fabric that I  bought last week washed, and gently pressed.  I serge all the raw ends of the fabric so it doesn't fray in the washer/dryer.

We are beginning to count our days left in Florida.  Now that all my visitors who will be staying are accounted for, I can begin using the spare room to stage all the items that will be returning north.  I have small gifts etc. tucked away in drawers, closet shelves etc., and I like to get everything out before I begin to pack.  This can be a frightening proposition, but DH always manages to fit it all in our van for the trip home!

This afternoon, DH is participating in a small concert on the pool-side patio next to the clubhouse.  I'm doing 2 songs with him as well - DH playing 12 string guitar and singing, and I'm playing my flute (had to dust it off!)

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Monday, March 12, 2012


It seems like I've been working on this kaleidoscope project forever!  For the past two days, I've been stitching the corner units to the blocks and pressing the seams.  I just finished laying the blocks back in order, making sure that the corner units match.  Here's a small area of the quilt centre.....

When all the blocks are stitched together, the corners will form a secondary pattern.  I still haven't decided how I'm going to make the final border(s).  I always try to use some of the original fabric in the border, but it would be fun to add more kaleidoscoping blocks too.
You can see all the pieces of masking tape that DH added to mark the columns and rows - this would have been impossible to organize without the markings.
My project was inspired by one in the second Stack n Whack Quilt book by Bethany Reynolds, but instead of 9 blocks, I made 30!
Hopefully the piecing will go quickly from now on and I can play with some different border ideas.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Used this week  0 yards
Used year to date  67.625 yards
Added this week  29.125 yards
Added year to date  89.375 yards
Net used 2012  -21.75 yards!

 This is my first day's shopping at the Patchwork Pig.  I found 3 cute baby panels, lots of background/ go with fabrics, and the bottom black piece with metallic gold and silver "just because".  I didn't include the piece I picked up at the quilt show, as it is for a gift.
 These are my fabrics from Saturday's trip, chosen for a project that I'll make next winter in Florida.  I found a pattern for the group to try, and I always make one myself.  The lightest, leaf design fabric was bought on Friday, but will go well with the rest of the fabrics.
I didn't include a yard of dark brown solid that I want to experiment on......
I can't believe I bought 29.125 yards of fabric!  I haven't done that much "damage" at one time in several years...... 

Hope everyone who links to Judy's blog made positive progress this week! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Our visitors returned home on Thursday, so I spent part of the day doing laundry and sewing.

On Friday, DH and I, along with 2 quilting friends headed to the Hudson FL quilt show.  Lovely quilts and vendors, and I was tempted to pick up a cute cat fabric, destined for a lap quilt for future daughter-in-law.  Bumped into a "white glove lady", who overheard my conversation, and turned out to be a blog reader who requested a recipe!  Small world.

Following the show, one of my friends said that she had news that one of the local quilt shops was closing, so we headed to Lakeland FL to check it out.

Sadly, the Patchwork Pig on Pine Street in Lakeland will be closing soon - no official date yet, but all fabric was $5 per yard and everything else 50% off.  Needless to say there were 3 large bags of fabric in our van for the return trip home.   

 I returned this morning to find fabrics to make the quilt I have proposed to my group for the main next winter project.  Once again, I went with certain colours in mind, but the fabric had other ideas.  I saw a bolt that I just loved, and then found the perfect friends to play with!
I'll be heading into the red zone on tomorrow's stash report!!!!

I emailed my local group last night, and bumped into at least 6 members of the group at the shop today!

I've been working on my kaleidoscope project today.  I laid the blocks out on the living room rug, then DH and I spent a half hour rearranging until we liked the balance.  Then I had to add the mini kaleidoscope triangles to all the block corners to turn them from octogons to squares.  These had to be pinned, and DH assisted by numbering each block, so I can get it back together after sewing on all the corners!  My knees are sore, so that will be tomorrows' job, while I finish the laundry. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


This is the fifth and final set of blocks for my kaleidoscope project.  I haven't made much progress on anything, as having company visiting has taken most of my time for the past while.   They are departing on Thursday morning, and then on Friday DH and I are taking a van-load of quilters to a quilt show in Hudson FL, so I won't be making much progress until the weekend.  I'm having sewing withdrawal!!!!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012


No changes from last week.....
We're having fun with our company.  Disney World, golf, swimming, mini putt, dinners out, etc.  Tonight is the variety show at the clubhouse, and DH will be performing, playing guitar and singing.  He also is entertaining with some audience participation while the acts are setting up. 

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Friday, March 2, 2012


DH and I spent yesterday with our friends at the Magic Kingdom.  It was their first visit, so I was fun to see it through a first-timers' eyes.  We had a full day, arriving shortly after opening, and staying for the Electric Light Parade and the fireworks.  We took time to enjoy some of the entertainment around the park, and were happy we all wore lots of sunscreen!