Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nothing to report this week!  Nothing in and nothing out!

More visitors for 3 days this time, plus a day with my quilting group left little time for sewing.  I did manage to get all the fabric that I  bought last week washed, and gently pressed.  I serge all the raw ends of the fabric so it doesn't fray in the washer/dryer.

We are beginning to count our days left in Florida.  Now that all my visitors who will be staying are accounted for, I can begin using the spare room to stage all the items that will be returning north.  I have small gifts etc. tucked away in drawers, closet shelves etc., and I like to get everything out before I begin to pack.  This can be a frightening proposition, but DH always manages to fit it all in our van for the trip home!

This afternoon, DH is participating in a small concert on the pool-side patio next to the clubhouse.  I'm doing 2 songs with him as well - DH playing 12 string guitar and singing, and I'm playing my flute (had to dust it off!)

Check out everyones' stash progress at Judy's blog.

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