Saturday, March 10, 2012


Our visitors returned home on Thursday, so I spent part of the day doing laundry and sewing.

On Friday, DH and I, along with 2 quilting friends headed to the Hudson FL quilt show.  Lovely quilts and vendors, and I was tempted to pick up a cute cat fabric, destined for a lap quilt for future daughter-in-law.  Bumped into a "white glove lady", who overheard my conversation, and turned out to be a blog reader who requested a recipe!  Small world.

Following the show, one of my friends said that she had news that one of the local quilt shops was closing, so we headed to Lakeland FL to check it out.

Sadly, the Patchwork Pig on Pine Street in Lakeland will be closing soon - no official date yet, but all fabric was $5 per yard and everything else 50% off.  Needless to say there were 3 large bags of fabric in our van for the return trip home.   

 I returned this morning to find fabrics to make the quilt I have proposed to my group for the main next winter project.  Once again, I went with certain colours in mind, but the fabric had other ideas.  I saw a bolt that I just loved, and then found the perfect friends to play with!
I'll be heading into the red zone on tomorrow's stash report!!!!

I emailed my local group last night, and bumped into at least 6 members of the group at the shop today!

I've been working on my kaleidoscope project today.  I laid the blocks out on the living room rug, then DH and I spent a half hour rearranging until we liked the balance.  Then I had to add the mini kaleidoscope triangles to all the block corners to turn them from octogons to squares.  These had to be pinned, and DH assisted by numbering each block, so I can get it back together after sewing on all the corners!  My knees are sore, so that will be tomorrows' job, while I finish the laundry. 

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