Sunday, March 11, 2012


Used this week  0 yards
Used year to date  67.625 yards
Added this week  29.125 yards
Added year to date  89.375 yards
Net used 2012  -21.75 yards!

 This is my first day's shopping at the Patchwork Pig.  I found 3 cute baby panels, lots of background/ go with fabrics, and the bottom black piece with metallic gold and silver "just because".  I didn't include the piece I picked up at the quilt show, as it is for a gift.
 These are my fabrics from Saturday's trip, chosen for a project that I'll make next winter in Florida.  I found a pattern for the group to try, and I always make one myself.  The lightest, leaf design fabric was bought on Friday, but will go well with the rest of the fabrics.
I didn't include a yard of dark brown solid that I want to experiment on......
I can't believe I bought 29.125 yards of fabric!  I haven't done that much "damage" at one time in several years...... 

Hope everyone who links to Judy's blog made positive progress this week! 


  1. I really like that orange fabric! The pattern on it is just too cute. Reminds me of pirate treasure maps for some reason

  2. I did some damage myself this week but we have to buy more to make more. Your fabric choices should make for some nice projects.

  3. Pretty neutrals int he first pic and lovelies in the second. I ordered some fabric this week, too, that will show up in next week's report.

  4. Your additions look like good investments! Backgrounds are always welcome in my stash. And I have that blue in the upper right corner - it's a really sweet fabric. Of course, the baby panels will come in very handy in the future. And who could resist that metallic piece? It's just gorgeous!!!


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