Friday, August 31, 2018


I made a few quick projects recently, just to get my quilting muscles exercised!

The first project was a baby quilt, made from a printed panel.  This will belong to my new grandchild, who will be making an appearance near the end of September.
I know this will get lots of wear, and washing, so I'll be making another for birthday #1.
Every year, my guild makes placemats for "Meals on Wheels" recipients.  They are distributed by the Victorian Order of Nurses in our community.  I use this quick pattern, that takes 4 fat quarters, and backing, with no binding.  I was gifted a stack of fat quarters, so I organized them in sets of 4, ready to make placemats whenever required.

 The final project is a dinosaur quilt for my grandson's new room.  The panel and coordinating print was made by Northcott several years ago.  DH insisted that we buy it to make "in the future".  I guess the time is now!
I stitched simple outlines of all the dinosaurs, and a bit of the landscape, as this will hang on his wall.
If you look closely, you can see the stitched dinosaur tracks in the border.  DH  provided the design, and and stitched them roaming around the border.  I used Superior's NiteLite thread, and it has a lovely glow in a dark room!  I can't wait to see his reaction......

Thursday, August 30, 2018


I made some clothesline baskets to donate to the quilt show boutique.  I trim the selvedge edges from fabric as it is used and save it, and any 3/4 inch scrap strips for baskets, as well as crochet rag rugs.  

I sit and cover the clothesline while watching TV in the evening with DH, and then it seems to take no time to stitch the finished projects.
 I use a glue stick to help at the beginning, and also run a line of glue on the clothesline every foot or so, while I am wrapping.  I use a clothespeg to hold the wrapped end when I stop.

 Some are stitched with varigated thread in the bobbin, like this jeans weight thread in the first basket.
 The second basket has a folded cuff.  The selvedge had a rough thread edge, which can add interest.
 Some of my baskets are finished with a reverse curl.  I stop when there is still covered clothesline remaining, and begin a new coil with the end.  Then I continue stitching to the end, and reinforce the stitching on the curl.
 I find the selvedges that are white, but have a coloured edge, make interesting striped sections when used in baskets.
 Sometimes I plan the colours of the baskets, using selvedges from one project.
Other times I just use the next strip I pull from the bag!
In the past, I made a basket from a whole package of clothesline.  My grandson uses it to store his cars and assorted toys that are kept at my home, ready for his visits.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


I can't believe that I have been "missing" for two months!  Where has the time gone......
Our quilt show was a huge success, thanks to all the tired volunteers who helped fill the many positions.
DH and I have been spending a lot of time with our f
amily.  DS2 and family had some important jobs to do to their home, so many hours were spent helping.  Also DDIL2 is expecting a new family addition soon, so we also helped keep our grandson busy.  He spent almost 2 weeks with us in July, and is returning for a week in September.  He has moved into his new "big brother" room, after DH painted it GREEN, his favourite colour.
We also had a visit from both of my brothers and their wives - a first for us.  We had fun sharing information about growing families, eating and relaxing.  We hope to repeat the visit at my middle brother's home later in the fall.
I have been quilting too!  I finished the machine quilting and added the binding on 5 quilts for my guild's community quilts program during the past 2 months.  I also finished my wall hanging that was started during the early months of 2018.
H This is my version of Diamond Hill by Esther Aliu.  I made some minor changes, and omitted the appliqued border.  The green print was leftover cotton from my neice's bridesmaid dresses from the 80's.  After making 5 dresses, I had lots of off-cuts from the gored skirts, and have been whittling away at it ever since!

 Here are some close-ups of the blocks to show the quilting.

I plan to update my 2018 page soon, and add all the additional projects that have been in the works while I have been MIA.

 DH and I have been attending many of the plays at the Thousand Island Playhouse in Gananoque ON.  We have friends who have season passes, so we usually tag along with them.  Our group ranges from 4 to 8 attending together.  Good thing our old van has seating for 8 adults!
DH and his friend have also been entertaining at local nursing homes, and senior residence around town, billed as Three for a Quarter.  The have fun playing a big variety of music from the 30's on to today, telling jokes, and visiting with the residents.  They love to see people singing along.  DH says they don't have to be really good, as many people remember the original music when it is being played/sung!  I think they do an awesome job!  I joined DH on July 4th as we entertained for a resident's 100th birthday.  She had many relatives and friends visiting to share her day.  I played my flute along with DH on the guitar, and even sang along on a couple of songs.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon!