Quilts 2018

Spinning Stars Runner

Star pattern from the Slow and Steady Quilt Along with Paula Storm

                                                                                                             15 x 42 inches                                                                                      completed  1 February

Limestone Quilter Guild
Block of the Month 2017-18

designed by Ariane Kring

76 x 92 inches

completed 23 February

Pooh and Friends

from printed panel

36 x 45 inches

completed 25 February 
 Flannel Receiving Blanket

tutorial from Missouri Star Quilting Company

34 x 34 inches

completed 6 March
Collapsible Thread Catchers

design from online tutorial

completed  10 March
Celestial Magic

Pattern designed by 
Jan Douglas Design

82 x 97 inches

completed 11 March

Ride Em Teddy 

from printed panel

36 x 45 inches

completed 16 March

Hourglass Farm

from printed panel

36 x 54 inches

completed 26 March

Happy Holidays Table Topper

pattern by Atkinson Designs

20 x 23 inches

completed 9 May

Blue Floral Runner

19 x 27.5 inches

completed 10 May
 Clothesline Baskets

Made from selvedge edges and narrow strips of waste fabric, wrapped around cotton clothes line, and stitched.
 These baskets were donated to my quilt guild, and were sold in the boutique at 
Quilts Kingston 2018

 Wrapping the clothesline is a mindless, TV watching job, before heading to the sewing machine where the magic happens!
Diamond Hill

Pattern by Esther Aliu

53 x 53 inches

completed 10 July
Toy Story Window

panel quilt

36 x 45 inches

completed 22 August
Four Fat Quarter Placemats

completed 23 August

donated to Meals on Wheels
David's Dinosaurs

panel quilts

30 x 50 inches

completed 27 August

Diamond Tiles

block pattern by Bonnie Hunter

51 x 63 inches

completed 2 September

My Hourglass Challenge Quilt

suggested by Bonnie Hunter

55 x 67 inches

completed 6 September
Four Fat Quarter Placemats

completed 7 September

donated to Meals on Wheels

Quilt for our Granddaughter

Pattern: Fabric Gal
Quilt in a Day

44 x 44 inches

completed 10 September

                                                         Fiesta Runner
                                                     29.5 x 14.5 inches                                                                            completed 17 October

Running In Circles

51 x 17 inches

completed 27 October

                                                       Pond Friends 1
      39 x 46 inches                                                   completed 20 November

Pond Friends 2

39 x 46 inches

completed  7 December

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