Monday, July 27, 2015


I was finally ready to work on something of my own, and noticed this.....  My 1 1/2 inch strip bin was overflowing!  I have the strips organized by dark and light.

I decided to make some half-log cabin blocks, although I usually use larger strips.
After a couple of days of intermittent sewing while doing other tasks, I have 40 blocks completed.  They finish at 5 inches square, so I'll need lots of them to make a quilt top - good news to help use up some strips, but probably won't use as many as I'd like!

DS2 and DDIL just bought a king-size bed, so now I'm hoping to make a quilt for them.  I suggested that she look at quilts on the internet to get an idea of what she'd like.  Now that they are in their new home, they are beginning to decorate, not just fit in whatever came along as they did in their apartment.  Hopefully she can find something that she likes so I can make some plans for this huge winter project!

I just received a video of our lovely grandson, eating his first solid food.  He was really ready for it, and tried to wrestle the bowl out of his mother's hands.  I think he would have eaten more, but they are starting with a small amount of rice cereal to see how it goes.  When I told them that the nurses fed DS2 cereal while we were in the hospital, they were shocked, as the newer idea is to wait until they are 6 months old.  He's been interested in their food for quite a while, so I'm sure he'll progress quickly. 

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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used year to date  105.75 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  63.75 yards
Net used 2015  42 yards 
No change for me either!  I have finished quilting 4 more quilts for my guild's community quilts program, and hand stitched the binding on each as well.   Unfortunately for my stash  report, the binding was provided for the remaining quilts, so nothing used yet!
I decided to make some half log cabin blocks, using my 1 1/2 inch strip bin - mostly because I couldn't close the top!  They finish at 5 inches, so I'll be making them for a while!  I managed to complete 22 so far.  I'm doing laundry today, and baking bread as well.

DH is helping our friends with extending their pool surround and enlarging their patio.  The realized that they should have had it made wider when they were having it installed!  They are working with various sizes of patio stones, and to meet the curved edge of the pool, there is lots of cutting required.  They spent most morning doing the prep work, and are on their second day of installation.  They had help yesterday to move all the stones from the driveway to the back yard, and also bringing sand from the giant pile, to help level everything.  Hope they get done today.....

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Monday, July 20, 2015


Nothing on my design wall again today.  I've been machine quilting another "community quilts" for my guild.  This one is a disappearing 4-patch made in flannel.  I'll be hand stitching the binding on while watching TV this evening.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Fabric used this week  .375 yards
Fabric used year to date  105.75 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  63.75 yards
Net used 2015  42 yards 

I don't know where the time is going this summer!  I managed to quilt another "community quilt" for my guild, and this one needed binding - that accounts for my .375 yards of fabric.  I really have to get my quilting mojo back into normal gear!

I seem to be playing "catch up" with my life lately.  We love having visitors, and we also went to the theatre to see a "Canadian themed" performance of The Pirates of Penzance this week.  The cast did a wonderful job, and the adaptation had just the right amount of Canadian content, while leaving some of the original lyrics intact.
We attended the concerts in the park on Wednesday evening - this time 4 women playing saxophones - what a lively group!

DH had 3 performances this week at some local nursing homes.  We packed our van with a small dresser and curio cabinet and headed to DS's on Friday.  We had planned to help with some garden work when we arrived, but it was raining.  DH picked up a new latch for their screen door and managed to install that, while I enjoyed some more grandson time.  After dinner, DH and DS moved the sofa bed from the living room to the den downstairs - quite a struggle as it was super heavy.  Now our "bedroom while visiting is downstairs, and we'll use the 2nd bathroom.  Their new sofa is being delivered on Monday or Tuesday!

Saturday morning, DS headed to Toronto with his father-in-law to help his sister-in-law pack in preparation for her move to California.  We drove in, arriving about 10am, and loaded her futon, dining table and 4 chairs, TV and stand, and a couple of assorted items that are heading for a new home at DS's house.  After arriving back at DS's place, we assembled the futon for temporary use in the living room, and stored the rest of the furniture in the den.  DS arrived around 3:45, hot and tired from packing boxes for the day.  We headed back home, and arrived at around 8:30pm.

Once home, I got the pork shoulder roast out of the refrigerator, and added the dry rub I had made before heading out.  It went back into the refrigerator overnight.  This morning, I'm trying to get caught up on the mounds of laundry that had taken over my laundry room.  I also simmered the sauce, and then put the roast into a slow oven, so we'll have a feed of pulled pork for dinner, with lots left for the freezer!  

Laundry is all done, and DH is out entertaining for the local Air Force Association luncheon.  Then he's heading across town to pick up our Godson, and his middle sister for a short visit including dinner.  He is attending sea cadet camp, and his sister signed him out for the day.  She is working at old Fort Henry as part of the guard at the historic fort, - her summer job before returning to Queen's University in the fall. I have to get some brownie batter prepared, so that it can go into the oven when the pork comes out.  Our Godson has to be back to camp by 8pm, and DH will drop off his sister at her place as well.
Hopefully I'll get some sewing done tomorrow!!!!!

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Monday, July 13, 2015


Fabric used this week  3 yards
Fabric used year to date  105.375 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  63.75 yards
Net used 2015  41.625 yards

We had a busy week with family visiting, including our grandson - almost 6 months old.  We all took turns playing with him, keeping him interested in a variety of toys etc.  He loves to be on his feet, but his exersaucer only keeps him happy for a short time.  I know my DDIL2 enjoyed having 3 other adults around to amuse the little one.  It make DH and I appreciate all that our parents did for us when our sons were small - lots of visits!

I did manage to find the time to make a stroller organizer, using this pattern.  Lots more sewing than I anticipated, especially when I was on snuggle duty lots over the past week+.  The instructions were well written, and it looks great on the stroller.  I took some quick pictures as they were packing......

The  front has one large zippered pocket, and two shorter pockets.

The back has a large mesh pocket.  
It is difficult to see in the pictures, but there are open pockets on each end as well.
The interior has two large pockets on one side and three on the other.  Great for holding diapers, wipes, bottle, snacks etc. 
Here it is hanging from the handle of the stroller.  The straps are adjustable, and have clips that attach to D-rings on each side.  It is easy to take off, and is washable, of course.  Their stroller has a bright yellow top, so we chose some fun fabric to coordinate with it!

During their visit, we went to Fort Henry, swimming in our friends' pool, visited Busker Fest in Kingston, and spent a day at DSIL's  cottage, with a boat ride around the lake and a quick dip to cool off.  Our little one wasn't too thrilled with the cold water, but liked sitting at the edge, with the gentle wash of ripples splashing on his feet!

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