Tuesday, June 22, 2021

More Garden Pictures

 Over 20 years ago, a local nursery offered a specialty clematis.  It has given us beautiful blooms every year, but in various numbers.  I guess, like all things in nature, plants do better one year from the next, due to varying temperatures, rainfall, etc.
When the buds open, they start with the set of large petals, then continue opening more each day.  

They always seem to bloom, just when the irises are fading.

I remember DH complaining about the price of this plant when we added it to our garden, but we have had so much enjoyment every year, watching for the buds to open!

My quilting has taken a back seat lately, as the garden needed some extra TLC.  We've had unusually hot weather, with little rainfall.  Today the temperatures have dropped, and we are expecting several days of showers coming up, so the garden will be much happier.

I am stitching the binding on a small panel quilt for our grandchildren to play various games when they come for their visit in August, we hope!  We are getting our second dose of Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday, and we are looking forward to getting hugs in person soon!