Monday, June 7, 2021



I finally managed to get a picture of Mosaic from the Quilted Twins.  I had a large bin of 2 1/2 inch strips, leftover from a lifetime of quilting.  The dark strip bin was full to bursting, but now has lots of room!  Of course, I didn't measure the intended bed until after I had the top completed, so added 2 dark borders on the sides, as it wouldn't cover our extra tall mattress!  It took a couple of movies on TV to get the binding completed.  Today my DH's friend was over to practice guitar, so I cornered them before they got started to be my stand-in quilt holders so I could take a quick picture.  Of course, the wind caught the quilt just as I snapped the picture!

Fabric used this week  16.75 yards
Fabric used year to date  76 yards and
Fabric added this week  11.5 yards
Fabric added  year to date  16 yards
Net used 2021  60 yards
I ordered some more Halloween fabrics, some with glow in the dark areas, as I have to get busy making my grandson's quilt, as I made one for his little sister last winter, but decided to give them both together.   Hopefully they will use them for at least the month of October every year, so they will have dreams of dressing up and collecting goodies.
I came up with a plan for my orphan blocks, so have been adding a border around each block to make each row of blocks the same width.  I have one more to complete, and then I'll figure out the plan to make the rest of the quilt top!

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