Other Items

Wrapped Basket

cord wrapped with selvedge edges from cotton fabric
Trifecta hand bag

pattern by Studio Kat Designs
Christmas Stockings
 made from pre-quilted fabric panel
Posies Tote Bag

using recycled quilt blocks that were removed from a previous project
Baby Sweater Set

pattern from a 1940's knitting book

Baby Sweater Set

3 months size
Beehive pattern
Assorted Mittens

Fabric Postcards

donated to the Cancer Society for delivery to ovarian cancer patients
English Smocking - Romper

hand embroidered

 English Smocking
Bishop Dress

hand embroidered
 English Smocking
Bishop Dress

hand embroidered
English Smocking
Peasant Blouse

hand embroidered

 Baggalista Purse

pattern by Studio Kats Designs

finished 7 January 2012

Beaded Needle Cases

shown in order of completion
June-July 2012

Talisman Necklace

hand-held bead weaving with polymer clay accents

completed July 2012

Talisman Necklace 2

seed beads in black and pearl white

Completed late July 2012

Receiving Blanket, Bib and
Burp Cloths

completed 27 September 2013
Small Jewelry Box

completed 3 October 2013
Versatile Wave Purse

pattern by Susan Rooney patterns

completed 28 February 2014

Sewing Machine Needle Case

test sample

completed 22 March
Newborn Sleeper

completed 8 October 2014
Baby Shawl

completed June 2014