Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Yesterday was the deadline to bring our quilts into "registration", for our upcoming quilt show.  Each quilt had to be folded "correctly", have a label, and a temporary label with the owner's name, address and phone number, as well as a cloth bag (or pillowcase) to hold the quilt, with another label, with quilt name, owner's name etc.

Upon arrival with your quilt, it was removed from the bag, and a temporary entry number was attached.  After it was returned to the bag, another entry number was attached, and it was place with other quilt that will be displayed in the same area.

During the day, loads of quilts were taken to be stored at a member's home (complete with an alarm system to keep all the masterpieces safe). 

While all this was going on, DH and I were set up to photograph the remaining quilts that were not brought in on either of the scheduled days.  Some people were away, and others live a distance away and didn't want to make the trip twice.  Our final day of photos was not as busy as the previous two, but we managed to capture almost all the quilts.  Now I have to get busy editing all the remaining pictures, and get all the files ready to burn the CDs for the quilt show.


Friday, May 25, 2018


Yesterday morning DH and I packed our van with all the photography equipment, quilt stands, lint brushes, etc. that we would need later.  Then I headed over to my friend's place to help her with a sewing project.  I pinned, and she stitched.  Then we inserted elastic in several casings.  By that time, it was time to stop for a quick cup of tea before I had to leave.

DH and I ate dinner early, then headed over to the church where we are doing the quilt photography for the upcoming quilt show.
We arrived at 5:15, and got busy setting up all the equipment, while several quilters arrived, with their loads of quilts.  Some were bringing some for friends as well.  Once we got started, things ran quite smoothly.  We had a steady flow of quilts going up on the stand, having one or two pictures snapped, and then back down again.  DH showed some of the ladies a quick way to fold their quilts using the church pews.  Our quilt show registrars want all the quilts folded a particular way when they are handed in next Tuesday.  Things began to slow down by 8pm, and we were able to take time to chat with the last few arrivals.  We thought everyone had arrived, so DH began taking the first stand down, when one final quilter arrived with one quilt.  Of course, we stopped and took the picture, then packed everything back up and loaded it back in the van.  My final job was to assure that the sanctuary door was locked, along with the front inner and outer door, and then I was able to leave through the church hall - the door there locks behind you, so everything was left secure.  
We were back home by 9:30pm, having a final cup of tea, and watching something mindless on RV before bed.
I took the luxury of sleeping in a bit this morning, then we began to do some of the chores on our lists.  This afternoon, I made copies of the camera files ( I'm storing all the information on my computer, in a cloud account, and on a portable hard drive, just in case!)  Then I spent time changing the file names on all the photos taken to match the official quilt number in the show, but just on my working file.  I think I'm ready for an afternoon cup of tea!

We have one more photography session planned for next Tuesday, which is the day all the quilts have to be handed in, so that they can be stored, and sorted into the various hanging areas in the show.  On day two of set-up, they will be delivered to the venue, and placed in each area, ready to be hung.  It certainly saves time on the final day!

Wish me luck.   I'll be back to editing all the pictures after my tea!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Making baskets is addictive.  I had a bit more time before dinner, and began wrapping selvedges again.  After dinner, and the clean-up, we were heading out to help a friend pick up some book cases, but they were not available until 8pm, so I continued to wrap.
This morning, I prepared dough for 2 loaves of bread, and then stitched the basket.
 This one finished 5 1/2 inches across the bottom, and 9 1/2 inches across the top.  It is a bit taller than the turqoise one I showed yesterday.  I just wrapped until I covered all the remaining clothesline in the hank.
I used a variegated thread with light gray-purple and green colours for the stitching.  This time, I stopped and stitched a coil with the last few inches of the piece, then continued to stitch, reinforcing the final area.  I also like to stitch once around the upper edge, as I like the finished look it provides.

This afternoon I have to get all my items organized for the boutique at the upcoming quilt show.  Somewhere I have to find the time to get them to the appropriate people!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Last Thursday was our first photography day for the quilts that will be displayed at Quilts Kingston 2018 in June.  DH and I set up 2 quilt stands in the sanctuary of St John's Portsmouth Anglican Church, one with a black backdrop fabric, and one to hang quilts.  We had a steady procession of quilters arriving with their quilts.  The Kingston Heiroom Quilters Guild was having a day-time meeting, and pot luck lunch in the church hall, so many of their members brought their quilts along, but as usual, there are many sewing madly to get things completed in time for the show!

I've spent most of the weekend, editing the 150 or so pictures that were taken, to show each quilt to its best advantage.  I also received the files with the quilt "artist statements" that will be displayed on, or next to each quilt in the show.  These all had to be re-formatted so that they could be loaded onto the CD. 

I was feeling stitching deprived, so I pulled out a bag with some cotton cord, wrapped with selvedge edges, and stitched a couple of baskets - I didn't want my machine to feel neglected!

This small basket was made with mostly black and gray fabric selvedges.  I added some buttons to hide the end of the join.  It is 8 inches across, and 4 inches high.
 I used a heavy "jeans" thread in the bobbin, to add a colourful surprise to the outside.

The second basket was made from blues to white selvedge edges.  I like taking advantage of the colour along a white edge to create stripes.  This basket also has a selvedge that had a fuzzy thread edge, making the final edge of the basket more interesting.
I decided to roll the top edge of this basket.  This one also finished at 8 inches across, but is only 3 inches tall.  I used Superior Twist thread, in a light turquoise colour in both the bobbin and needle.
 This basket is 9 1/2 inches across, and 4 1/2 inches tall.  Most of the selvedges used in this basket, came from a quilt that I made for my son and daughter-in-law.
When I was nearing the end of the stitching, I stopped and made a small disc from the remaining wrapped cord.  Then I returned and stitched the final row, reinforcing the stitching where the curl began.  It makes a neat finish (just visible on the picture above).

I don't keep track of how much fabric goes into these, as the selvedges would have ended up in the trash.  I sit and wrap the cords while watching TV with DH in the evenings, and then it only takes a few minutes to stitch each basket.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Fabric used this week  6 yards
Fabric used year to date  61.25 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  62.125 yards
Net used 2018  -0.875 yards

I'm so close to being in the black!  I'm counting the fabric that I used for the Christmas table topper, the runner, and the 2 quilt bags that I needed for my quilt entries in our upcoming show.

I have 6 quilts entered, and need a cloth bag for each, but I save them, and reuse the ones that fit.  I also re-use my hanging sleeves that are stitched on bed quilts.  I've made them from muslin, and hand stitch them to the large quilts, adding or removing length as required.  Over the years, I have sold some of my quilts in the show, and the new owner receives the quilt in the bag, so I have to make new ones from time to time.
  If you are interested in seeing my entries, they are on the annual quilts tab on the top of the blog page. 
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2017 - Oma's Blues
2018 - Use It or Lose It!  Limestone Quilters' Guild BOM 2017-18


I'm late with my report this week.  I've been busy making labels for my quilts, and preparing cloth bags with labels for each as well.  My guild's quilts show is approaching quickly.  Tomorrow I'll be running a photography session all day, to take pictures of the entries for our CD, that will be for sale at the show.  DH is my able assistant, helping with setting up stands, backdrops, lighting, etc., and he is skilled at handling quilts as well!  I think he's a keeper.

I completed a Christmas table topper - I had made one to donate to my guild's dinner in  December, and made a second top at the same time.  I quilted it, and adding binding, so it will be ready for the boutique.  I used Superior Thread's Glitter hologram mylar thread to quilt the centre, but unfortunately it doesn't photograph well.

I made a Stack n Whack quilt a while ago, and had a narrow strip, with 6 matched layers remaining.  I decided to cut it into as many 60 degree triangles as I could, and managed to make 18 blocks that measure 2 1/2 inches across.  I added a dark blue border, and pinned it to my design wall.  Last week, when I went searching for an additional border fabric, I discovered a floral stripe that had been in my stash for a long time.  It looks like it might have been from the same line of fabric......  Another item for the boutique at the quilt show in June.

I'm linking with  Small Quilts and Doll Quilts .


Monday, May 7, 2018


I am and member of the Limestone Quilters Guild in Kingston Ontario.  Along with the Kingston Heirloom Quilts Guild, we are having a quilt show in June.
I've been busy with meetings, and all the jobs leading up to a successful quilt show.  DH and I are photographing all the quilts  and producing a CD for sale during the show.  We have three photography sessions scheduled - one during the day, one evening, and one on "intake day", when all the quilts have to be handed in to the show organizers.
At home, I've been adding hanging sleeves on all my entries, and have to make a cloth bag for each, labelled with my name, address, phone number, name of quilt and entry number.  I also have to make an additional label for each quilt.
DH and I signed up for several various jobs during the show set-up, the show, and the final day when all the stands and other gear heads back to our guild's storage locker.
I took some time today to make more tablecloths for my son - he works in a mental health department, and they have a lounge area for their clients.  The tables look more welcoming with a cloth on them.  I picked up a 15 yard bolt of fabric, so I can replace them when needed.
I hope to be back to a more normal blogging schedule soon!