Friday, May 25, 2018


Yesterday morning DH and I packed our van with all the photography equipment, quilt stands, lint brushes, etc. that we would need later.  Then I headed over to my friend's place to help her with a sewing project.  I pinned, and she stitched.  Then we inserted elastic in several casings.  By that time, it was time to stop for a quick cup of tea before I had to leave.

DH and I ate dinner early, then headed over to the church where we are doing the quilt photography for the upcoming quilt show.
We arrived at 5:15, and got busy setting up all the equipment, while several quilters arrived, with their loads of quilts.  Some were bringing some for friends as well.  Once we got started, things ran quite smoothly.  We had a steady flow of quilts going up on the stand, having one or two pictures snapped, and then back down again.  DH showed some of the ladies a quick way to fold their quilts using the church pews.  Our quilt show registrars want all the quilts folded a particular way when they are handed in next Tuesday.  Things began to slow down by 8pm, and we were able to take time to chat with the last few arrivals.  We thought everyone had arrived, so DH began taking the first stand down, when one final quilter arrived with one quilt.  Of course, we stopped and took the picture, then packed everything back up and loaded it back in the van.  My final job was to assure that the sanctuary door was locked, along with the front inner and outer door, and then I was able to leave through the church hall - the door there locks behind you, so everything was left secure.  
We were back home by 9:30pm, having a final cup of tea, and watching something mindless on RV before bed.
I took the luxury of sleeping in a bit this morning, then we began to do some of the chores on our lists.  This afternoon, I made copies of the camera files ( I'm storing all the information on my computer, in a cloud account, and on a portable hard drive, just in case!)  Then I spent time changing the file names on all the photos taken to match the official quilt number in the show, but just on my working file.  I think I'm ready for an afternoon cup of tea!

We have one more photography session planned for next Tuesday, which is the day all the quilts have to be handed in, so that they can be stored, and sorted into the various hanging areas in the show.  On day two of set-up, they will be delivered to the venue, and placed in each area, ready to be hung.  It certainly saves time on the final day!

Wish me luck.   I'll be back to editing all the pictures after my tea!

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