Sunday, September 16, 2018


We started out with a visit from our older son - he arrived by train on Thursday, just in time for dinner.  One of his friends picked him up and they headed out to spend the evening with the game club. 
Friday morning, I changed our bed and collected laundry.  DH and I packed a bag for the weekend.  We had a great visit with our son.  Both sons are in town for a gaming weekend - board games, that is.Our younger son arrived by train just before lunch, and we dropped him off at a local restaurant to meet friend.  Over 20 members of the game club joined him, including his brother.  After lunch they headed to the game site, and played various board games with the gang until late.  They were back at it all day and evening Saturday, and returned again on Sunday morning!
DH  and his friend had a performance at a nursing/senior home, and when he returned home, he unloaded his equipment, and we headed out to visit our daughter-in-law. We made exceptionally good time on our trip, and arrived before our grandson went to bed.
Saturday, while his Mom did some shopping, our grandson (3 1/2 years old), helped me to fill the firewood box that is just outside the garage.  We pulled loads of wood and kindling until it was full.
DH emptied both of their sheds, swept the floor, and put everything back neatly.
After lunch, the other 3 headed to a medieval fair, while I stayed home.  I got ribs ready for cooking, making a rub, and getting them ready to cook in the pressure cooker.  I did dishes, cleaning up the mess I made, and washed everything that wouldn't go in the dishwasher.  Dinner was yummy!  We packed our grandson's clothes for the week, and collected bits and pieces that we'll need for the week.
Sunday morning we were up early, had breakfast, packed the car, and headed home.  We called our sons when we arrived, and our grandson talked to his mom back home.  The "boys" arrived home about 1:30, almost gamed out!  Our younger son was taken to the train station about 2:15, and our older one at 4:15.
Our grandson has had fun playing with all the special toys that live at our house, and after dinner, headed up to bed.  Granddad reads him 3 story books every night, after a clean-up and brushing teeth!

We have a busy 5 days planned, and then we'll return him home next Saturday.  I hope to have a couple of minutes to do some sewing, and check my email, etc., but we'll see.  We love our grandson, but he never stops from morning until bedtime!