Saturday, March 2, 2019

Playing with Fabric

I've been working my way through some quilt panels that have been waiting too long to become quilts.
Before heading south in the fall, I gathered some panels, and chose a few pieces of coordinating fabric for each.  The one I have been working on lately has a garden theme.
I began by adding a small border on each side of the panel, to make the width to height proportions more pleasing.

This just shows part of the panel.  I added pink on either side. 

Using leftover fabric from a past project, I made hourglass blocks, using a floral print and a variety of neutrals.  The next border was the yellow floral print, to coordinate with the narrow yellow frames in the panel.  For the final border, I used a border stripe fabric, to finish the quilt top.

I am mitering the final border, and will use the top to give a demonstration with my quilting group this week.  

DH and I attended the AQS show in Daytona Beach this week - the quilts were wonderful!  Since I'm trying to get my stash under control, I only picked up thread and needles to add some new colours for quilting!  I also picked up a cute yellow flannel for the backing of this lap quilt - it has flowers on it to continue the garden theme.  I need to wash it before I can pin-baste the quilt, ready for machine quilting.

Friends are arriving on Tuesday to spend 10 days with us in the sunshine.  Their 2 granddaughters, 9 and 11, are coming too, so we'll have fun at the pool, and plan a couple of days at Disney World too!