Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I've been cleaning up my sewing room, as it will soon be time to pack it all up for another season in the south.  I still had one more baby panel, and some coordinating fabric to use, so I spent the past two days making hourglass blocks to add to this pretty panel by Jacqueline Steves.  I can't remember the name of the panel, but I'm calling it Hourglass Farm!

I also worked on my version of Diamond Hill.  I decided to stop after completing the 4 applique blocks, as it will make a lovely large wall hanging.  I made some changes to the design, and added plain borders to the blocks before continuing on.
It has the binding complete, but needs quilting in the background areas.  I have stitched around all the small squares, as well as outlined all the flowers and leaves.  I think the remaining quilting will wait until it is back in my northern home, where I can concentrate of it.  It is currently pin-basted.

Saturday, March 24, 2018


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used  year to date  48.625 yards
Fabric added this week  22.5 yards!
Fabric added year to date  62.125 yards
Net used 2018  13.5 yards!

Since we are nearing the end of our time in the south, along with many of our friends, my quilting group went on an outing on Wednesday.  We visited Brandon FL, and made a stop at the big Joanns store there (I only replace a ruler!).  After our shopping, we headed to the Cheescake Factory for lunch.  None of us had room for cheescake!!!!!  While we were waiting to be served, I was presented a lovely card, and a bag of goodies!

They had each chosen a fat quarter or two or three, and after I had time to look at all the lovely bundles, I folded them to fit on my shelves, and counted 80 fat quarters!!!!!  It is their fault that I'm back in the red again.

Now to get sewing!

We then headed to Gigi's Fabric Shop, where we were greeted by Gigi and her lovely staff.  She  gave us a tour of the shop, and offered our group 10% off all the fabric etc., that we chose to take home!  Of course, I couldn't resist.
  I picked out 2 black and white prints to add to my collection, along with some vehicles and fish for future grandson items.  That accounted for the 2.5 yards in my report.

Next Wednesday will be our last week to get together and sew before I have to pack up all my quilting stuff, and get ready to close our house for a while.  We always feel sad to return north, but we are both looking forward to getting some real grandson hugs!

This past week I finished the top of my Diamond Hill project by Esther Aliu.  I decided to only complete the 4 blocks, and I changed the sashing etc., as I want to use it as a wall hanging.  I spent a couple of days piecing a backing for this project, and then DH and I pin-basted the quilt this morning, so I hope to begin quilting it soon.  The grey fabric is leftover backing from a previous project.  The green flowered print has been in my stash for 24 years - leftover from making 5 bridesmaid dresses for my niece's wedding.  They had full skirts, cut in gored panels, and the pattern of the fabric was directional, so there were many long triangle wedges of fabric remaining.  I've made items with some of the fabric over the years, but no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to use it all up!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Thanks to a blog reader, I now have the information on my Celestial Magic quilt!

The design was by Jan Douglas Designs and the original pattern is found here!   Check out her other awesome patterns and designs while you are there.

I see that I made a couple of small changes when drawing the quilt in Electric Quilt, so not a perfect copy.  I often draw quilts that I see, to challenge myself and learn to use the awesome software better.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I finally got my two quilt holders over so I could take a picture of my latest large quilt. 
Some time in the past, I used Electric Quilt to draw this design, and called it Celestial Magic.  I can't remember where I saw the quilt, when, who the designer was, so I extend my apologies to all.  I often see a quilt and make a drawing of it in my software, so I can play with colour, switch blocks and easily re-size.

I made a receiving blanket for our next extended family member, using the tutorial from Missouri Star.  It makes a lovely, two layer flannel blanket!     

It is completely stitched by machine, which makes it a quick gift.
I used a serpentine stitch on my machine to topstitch the layers together.  I couldn't resist the cute fabric, and found the monkey print for the back and edge, that mimics the little money with the umbrella in the main fabric.

I went out to my sewing room to work on the sashing and borders for an applique project, and I hunted, but couldn't find the background fabric.  I didn't want to waste my stitching time, so I pulled this cute panel out of my bin, along with the backing flannel, and the fabric for the binding.  I pieced the batting, pin-basted, and had fun quilting this cute project.
When DH returned home, he discovered the bolt of fabric in our bedroom closet, tucked in behind the clothing.  I remember stashing it there when we were having overnight guests, and I was trying to tidy up the spare room!  Now back to the applique project!

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Fabric used this week  25.5 yards
Fabric used year to date  48.625 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  39.625 yards
Net used 2018  9 yards

I finished two projects this week.  I made 12 thread catchers to donate to my guild's boutique at the June quilt show.  I saw a demo online, using rings cut from Pringles cans, and cardboard circles cut from a cereal box for the bottoms.  They are all hand stitched, and twist to fold to take along anywhere.  

I also finished a larger quilt, made with stash fabric, as well as some yardage that I bought at an end of the year sale.  The quilt is called "Celestial Magic", and I had drawn it using EQ7, and found the file when I was upgrading to version 8.  Of course, I didn't make a note of where I saw the quilt, so I can't give credit to the designer (bad quilter!)  I don't have a full picture of the quilt, but I did take some shots of some of the quilting.
The quilt is made of two different blocks, set on point.  The star block uses the Tri Rec ruler to make the points, and has 4-patches and a square in square centre.

The alternate block is a large 9-patch block with black sashing.  I stitched a square flower in the orange-red centre, using King Tut thread from Superior thread.
I purposely did not stitch on any of the black areas in the quilt, with the exception of the centre of the star.  All the gray areas were stitching with light grey thread.
All the small orange-red squares in the interior were stitched with swirls, and the green squares had a leaf stitched in each.
The border is simple 4-patch blocks.  The orange-red was stitched with a flower, and more leaves stitched in the green areas.  I stitched feather hooks in the gray areas, alternating right and left around the quilt.

All the quilting was stitched free motion, and I used the width of the foot to space the lines in the light gray areas - I don't have a ruler foot.
I'll have to wait until I can get our neighbour to come and help hold the quilt for a full picture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I'm getting caught up!

I've finished a couple of items lately.  Two are upcoming baby gifts, so I can't show them.  I also put the final stitches in my guild's block of the month project for 2016-17.
  It finished at 76 x 92 inches, and I called it 
"Use It or Lose It!"  
I love making scrappy quilts, and years ago my DH said that to me about my huge bins of scraps.  I spent 2 summers pressing and cutting all the scraps into usable sizes, and have made many scrap quilts since!

I spent the afternoon today, filling out my entry forms, artist statements and labeling pictures to be sent to Quilts Kingston - the quilt show in Kingston ON, sponsored by the Limestone Quilters Guild, and the Kingston Heirloom Quilters June 8, 9, 10.

I've been spending my evenings hand stitching some small thread catchers for the boutique, and I've also begun quilting my second large winter quilt project.

Last week, my southern quilting group, along with some non-sewing neighbour volunteers used our Wednesday quilting time to make pillowcases for Cases for Smiles.  In four hours, we made 360 bright, colourful pillowcases for kids in local hospitals!