Saturday, June 30, 2012


I hope to spend some time in my sewing room later today.  I have spent the past few days attending the final quilt show meeting, and finalizing all my reports etc.  

I also updated my email account for the family reunion, adding all the changes.  Spent most of yesterday updating the family tree information - I had printed out a set of info sheets for each of my father's brothers and sisters, and asked attendees to edit, add etc., any information that they had on their branch.  There were a lot of errors in the original information I was given, and I'm slowly correcting them.  I also made DVD copies of my Dad's movies of early reunions, along with slides of family events (weddings, anniversaries etc.) for those who had requested a copy.

I set my computer up on the dining-room table, so I'd be close to the kitchen, where I was making strawberry jam.  I managed to make 6 pint jars and 8 half-pint jars.  That should be enough to last us a couple of years or more (unless I give lots away).

DH took me out for dinner last night, and we met our good friends at the restaurant.  It was great not to have to cook, but we both ate too much!

Today I have to catch up on 2 weeks' worth of laundry.  The good thing is that the laundry room is next to my sewing room, so I should get something done between loads!

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