Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've been more quiet than usual, but I've been slowly getting things back in order.  DH helped me to organize all my quilts by size, and to get them re-folded to fit their storage areas.  I also updated my spreadsheet, so I know what I have and where it is stored.

This helped by moving 5 bins of quilts out of our entrance hall - a job I haven't felt up to since the quilt show.  I'm still struggling with a cough and a chest cold  - fortunately my sinuses haven't been involved this time.

I finished my final report for the quilt show committee, along with a page of suggestions for the next show.  This was our first time in a new location, and although the show was a great success, there are areas that need improvement.

I've spent several days this week preparing for my family reunion, that will take place on Sunday at the Brampton ON fairgrounds.  My father was one of 11 children who were born over a 24 year period.  When I was a child, we had huge reunions each June, with all the aunts, uncles and cousins getting together for a ball game, a few games for the kids and a pot luck picnic.  Unfortunately, the annual even fell by the wayside about 30 years ago.  Then about 10 years ago, two cousins decided to try again, and we've been getting together every 2nd year since.  We've unfortunately lost track of some of the branches of the family, but we still get a pretty good crowd.  This year, my brother who lives in China, planned his trip back to Canada so he and his wife could attend the reunion!

I've printed out family info sheets from my genealogy software, and I'm hoping I can get some corrections and updates to add.

DH and I have shopped for disposable plates, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins etc.,  all of which now resides in my hall where the quilts used to be!!!!  We'll be heading out on Saturday, picking up DS1 in Toronto, then heading off to Brampton.  DS2 and his new bride will be joining us there, and we'll have an early dinner and maybe go to a movie.  Sunday morning we'll be up early, and head to the fairgrounds to meet the person with the keys to let us into their wonderful building.  It is air conditioned, and has a full commercial kitchen with a walk in  refrigerator.  We'll have to set up tables and chairs, and get things organized before people begin arriving around noon.

We are taking a flat-screen TV to set up to show some of my Dad's movies of early reunions, as well as some slides of various family events.  I've spent a couple of years transferring them to a digital format, so they can be shared with various family members.

I'm still taking my medication for my "cold", but only at night, as it makes me drowsy.  It does relieve the cough at night so I can sleep.  

Now that my quilting room is re-organized, maybe next week I can actually accomplish something - projects are calling!!!!!

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  1. So glad you are on the mend. Your family reunion sounds wonderful. My mother was a child of 13 and when I was little we too had big reunions on the 4th of July weekend. Usually at a swimming pool and picnic area. It was so much fun. I had 35 first cousins on mom's side and I knew most of them really well. Since I had no siblings, they were my substitutes. As you, they stopped about 30 yrs ago too. I miss them and now don't know their extended family members at all. I do the genealogy in our family too, but no one is very interested except me! Have lots of fun for me!!


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