Monday, December 19, 2011


I completed my Christmas hexagon - minus the final borders.  I took a picture of it on my queen bed.  I'll get the borders on after the plaid quilts are completed!
 I used the John Flynn method of diagonally pieced backs for two of my plaid quilts.  I pieced together all the left-over parts from the three plaid quilts, then cut them into lengths that were the same as the width of the tan muslin I was using.  After stitching them together, I folded them on the diagonal, corner to corner, cut apart, then slid the pieces to the correct width measurement, pinned and stitched them together.  This method works well for quilts that are up to 1 1/2 times the width of the fabric.  For one of my quilts, I used a pieced strip on one side to meet the requirement, and on the other I used a pieced strip on both sides.  The first time you try this method, you will be sure that it won't work,  but I have used it successfully many times!
I have difficulty taking a picture of the backing, as my living room is small and I had no room to spread it out!  You can see the strip of squares in the top right corner of the picture.  These were added to make the pieced part fit the 1 1/2 times criteria.   Now head over to Judy's blog to see what others are working on this week!


  1. Gorgeous quilt! That background print is perfect for it.

  2. I popped over to see about this method and you're right, it sounds like it won't work. Based on your experience that it does work, I'm going to try it out :)

  3. I have used John Flynn's diagonally pieced method for several lap quilts. I really like it but I wish I had a large table to use instead of the floor. It sure saves on material.

  4. Your Christmas colored Hexi quilt is beautiful. I've heard of that method too and never tried it.

  5. Wow! Your Christmas hexagon quilt is stunning!!! Love it!!!


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