Thursday, December 22, 2011


Christmas always seems so long in coming, but all of a sudden it is looming!
Tuesday morning DH & I headed to our clubhouse to use the big tables for pin basting.  We had the 3 plaid quilts basted in just over an hour.  Came home, and haven't a clue what I did with the rest of the day!  I only know that I was busy.....
Wednesday, I headed out to my sewing room early, and managed to get all the basic, stitch-in-the-ditch quilting finished and the binding added to the first quilt.  Then I was into the kitchen to prepare my dish for the quilt group's pot luck lunch.  One of the group offered to host everyone, so at 11:15 we were all at Carrol's lovely, well decorated home.  Of course we chatted, ate great food, drank punch, chatted.  At 12:55 I announced that I was headed to the clubhouse for our regular quilting group, as some did not attend the party, and some who did were trying to get some items finished before Christmas.
I finally arrived home about 4.  DH had just arrived from his golf outing, so we both had a great day.  Simple dinner - I re-heated the leftover pasta dish that I had taken for the lunch, along with a small salad and a piece of homemade bread.
DH offered to clean up the kitchen, while I went back to my sewing room to trim the excess backing and batting from the quilt.  I managed to stitch the binding down before heading off to bed.
I managed to get the basic quilting on plaid quilt number 2 finished, along with binding attached, so my project this evening is to hand stitch the binding so I can begin the quilting on plaid quilt number 3 tomorrow!
I'm anxious to get them finished, so that 1. I can begin something new, and 2. I can count the fabric in my last stash report of the year!

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