Saturday, December 3, 2011


Friday morning, DH & I headed off to Disney World.  We began around mid-morning, visiting Animal Kingdom.  
 We never miss the Safari Ride, and this time saw lots of animals.  This hippo was sun-bathing (they are usually totally submerged!
 There were many elephants, including this tiny baby, who was playing in the water, blowing bubbles....
 Even a cheetah decided to pose for a picture!
Had a lovely time, ate our picnic lunch and picked up our Disney calendars (free to passholders).  We headed out to the parking lot, where we discovered that our car had a flat!  DH calmly took out the jack and began changing the tire.  Before he was finished, 3 different security people stopped to see if we were all right, and offered to have their service vehicle stop by and change the tire for us - free!  DH thanked them and said that he was doing just fine.
After putting the spare tire on (one of those tiny donut spares!), we headed over to Epcot.  We strolled around the lake, listening to a couple of bands, then lined up for the Candlelight Procession.  We attend every year - it really puts us in the Christmas spirit.  We chatted with some nice people while waiting in line, and were not disappointed with the show - Geena Davis did the readings, and the music was amazing as usual.
 The sky was an interesting colour as we walked through the park to the car.  DH drove a little slower than usual on the way home, and we arrived safe and sound, just before 8p.m.
This morning he got up and took the car in to get the tire repaired or replace.  A belt had broken in the tire, so he decided a replacement was in order, and bought 2 new tires for the front end of the van.  The repair was taking an extra long time, and he noticed that the service tech had the car up and down on the hoist, then moved to another bay and put it on the hoist there as well.
When he returned home, he looked under the car and found some damage to the body, so he returned to show the service manager.  They argued a bit, saying that it was old damage, but the tech admitted that he had a problem.  We are waiting for the claim to be entered into their computer system, and then we'll see what will happen.  DH plans to take the car into the dealer on Monday, to see what they say about the damage, and to get a written estimate on the repair.
More to follow.
It is 3:10 p.m. and I haven't turned on my sewing machine yet!!!!!

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