Thursday, December 1, 2011


A friend called the other day.  She wanted to make a quilt, using a pattern I had taught when in Panama City many years ago.  She couldn't find her pattern, (one of the problems with spending the winter in Florida!), and wondered if I still had a copy.  Thank heavens for a computer, because I had taught the same project to the group in Florida as well.  I emailed the pattern to her, but knowing that she is much happier seeing and doing, rather than reading instructions, I invited her to come for a quilting visit, along with her husband and a friend who also wants to learn.

They arrived about 10:30, and the "girls" headed right to the sewing room, while the "boys" did whatever.  I had my boxes of light and dark 2 inch strips ready to go, and I showed them how to make the block, with them following along on the printed instructions.  By the time we had 2 blocks completed, DH called us in for lunch.  I had made 2 salads ahead of time, and DH got out the sliced meat, cheese and breads.  The cheesecake brownies and 2 kinds of homemade cookies were served for dessert, and then we headed back to the sewing room.  

This time, Miss B sewed, while Miss S trimmed and pressed the block parts.  Half-way through they switched, and Miss S sewed, and Miss B trimmed and pressed.  
They headed back home, each with a sample block, and all the pieces to use as a reminder when they begin their projects.  
The block was a half log cabin, using Sharyn Craig's method

They were both anxious to get home and wash their fabric in preparation for their quilt project.  They had brought samples along, to see what I thought, and of course, I encouraged them to use lots of different fabrics, rather than just a few.  The more the merrier!

Now back to my plaids!

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  1. OK Susan, I read this post, and noted that you have a recipe tab at the top of the page. So, I clicked over, looking for cheesecake brownies, and all I got was turnips! And, now I'm hungry for a combination of my two favorite desserts. Could you help me out please? Just the recipe could be fine, though I'll bet I could find your house if you have any leftovers!


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