Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I finished the top late yesterday, and made the binding this morning.  DH held to top so I could take a quick picture.

This morning I mixed up the dough for a loaf of pumpernickel bread, headed out to do a bit of grocery shopping, along with some toys for the Toys for Tots annual drive.  When I returned home, I made a pan of cheesecake brownies, then baked the bread - company coming on Thursday!
I'm heading out to my sewing room to cut the pieces for the remaining plaid quilt.  Hopefully, this will finally use up most of the plaids.  Anything remaining will decorate the quilt backs....


  1. I love the way that turned out Susan. I'm not usually a plaid fan, but this one is really nice!

  2. That turned out so well, Susan! And did you say something about cheesecake brownies???? That sounds scrumptious! :)


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