Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So far so good - I made another 6 plaid "Moth in the Window" blocks again yesterday.  I'm trying to keep up the pace, but today is the first day my quilting group meets, so I might not finish all 6......

I have 18 finished blocks and only 12 more to go!  I think it takes more time to choose the pairs of fabrics for each block than it does to sew them together!  This was the end of my plaids, so now I have to rearrange the pairs of fabrics for the next blocks, trying not to make the same choices again.
I plan to make two more projects from my plaid fabrics, so I'll probably move on to the next project when the top is complete on this one.   I've been cutting the borders first, to make sure I have enough fabric.  Some of my plaids are only half yards or fat quarters.  Some are yards, and just a few are larger.  Don't want to run out before I get the tops made.  Then I plan to use the rest for backings......

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