Sunday, November 27, 2011


Used this week  0 yards
Used year to date  215.5 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  70.25 yards
Net used 2011  145.25 yards
 Just because I reported 0 yards used, doesn't mean that I'm not quilting!  I only report finished quilts, so I'd better get busy and finish the tops so I can begin the quilting!
I've been working on my "Spinnin' Spools" quilt, using another scrap block pattern from Bonnie Hunter in Quiltmaker magazine.

The first picture is the blocks pinned in sets of 4, ready for sewing.
Then they are sewn together assembly line style, first in one direction, then in the other.

 After a good pressing, the blocks were arranged on the living-room carpet.  DH helped me re-arrange the blocks until there were none with the same plaid spools next to one another.
These will  have sashing and cornerstones added when stitching.

I picked up the blocks, stacking each row from the top to the bottom, then pinned each row of blocks together in the top right-hand corner.  Row one (marking from right to left) has 1 pin, row two has 2, row three, 3.  The next couple are marked in Roman numerals ( fewer pins) - four is marked IV and five is V.  This way if I drop the blocks on the way to the sewing machine, or move them, I'll still know which way they go into the quilt!

Here are all the sashing strips and cornerstones, waiting for today's sewing.

Head over to Judy's blog to see everyone's stash progress.

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