Sunday, November 13, 2011


Used this week  0 yards
Used year to date  215.5 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  65.5 yards
Net used 2011  150 yards

No change from last week.  The floor in my sewing room is complete, and I actually managed to sew for a while yesterday afternoon, making a test block.  I'm trying to use my plaid stash, and have 3 quilts planned.  Hopefully I'll make some headway soon.  Still have to transfer a few items into place, then I'll be able to get some work done!

I've had a couple of members of my southern quilting group drop by to see when we begin meeting (next Wednesday).  Until January, we mostly work to finish projects that are already started.  In the new year, I'll have some small projects planned for the group. 

Check out Judy's blog to see how much everyone's stash has grown or shrunk!


  1. You have great usage for the year. I checked out your sewing room - the new floor looks very nice. Should be wonderful to sew in there.

  2. I do love plaids and would like making a project in them sometime. I'm not so partial to homespuns so in my area finding plaids that aren't seems to be difficult...unless I'm just not be looking where I should to find them (wink). Your numbers are looking great. Sandi


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