Monday, November 7, 2011


Design floor is more like it!  I managed to get the first corner completed and attached to my Christmas hexagon project.  It looks a little wrinkled, but that is because it was packed in a bin for the trip south.  I completed the corner section just as we were arriving on Friday!

I attached the corner and started the next section over the weekend, but most of my time was spent unpacking, cleaning and shopping.  

DH decided that we needed a new floor in the sunroom - my sewing area.  We looked at lots of options, but decided to replace the tiles with more tiles.  DH spent part of yesterday removing the old tiles from the concrete floor - not a fun job.  Some never stuck, and some really don't want to come off, and he has the blisters to prove it!  He's back at it for a while this morning, but then we're going out to play for the rest of the day!

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  1. Your quilt is wonderful. How long have you been working on it?

  2. Looking very good! How satisfying to get big sections added. Good luck with the tile removal and installation...not a fun job.

  3. What a great long term project. It is so nice to have something handy to sew by hand. Tearing out tile is a messy and backbreaking job. Hopefully this time it will be there for good.

  4. Home repair projects! Lots of work huh! We're looking at replacing carpet with laminate. Looks like we'll need to paint first--one thing always leads to another. Love your hexagon project!

  5. you must have the patience of Job. I could never make a hexagon anything. When I just think about how small they are and how many it takes to fill a square foot...I just faint. lol Seriously ... yours is very nice! I love looking at it.


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