Monday, November 28, 2011


I was hoping to show the "Spinnin' Spools" top this morning, but I still have a few rows to sew and press!  I also have to see which plaids will be used for the borders - determined by which pieces are large enough....
I've been working on my Christmas hexagon in the evenings, and I have the third corner section ready to attach to the centre.

I still have the final corner and a small side unit to complete.
 Then the big decision is how to finish it!  I had though about leaving the edge irregular, and hand stitching it to the backing, but that will leave all sorts of bias edges, and won't be too stable.  I recently saw a hexagon quilt that was appliqued to straight border pieces, and I am tempted to use this finish, so the quilt will have lovely straight edges.  I still have time to decide.......
Check out everyones' design wall at Judy's blog today.


  1. Wow! That is all I can say......WOW!


  2. Your quilt is really lovely! My friend just appliquéd her hex quilt to a border. She did it by hand with purl cotton and a blanket stitch and it looks really great. I do like the straight edge too.

  3. Gorgeous as it continues to grow! I like the idea of appliqueing to a straight border. It would be a shame to have your edges wonky with bias problems.

  4. Simply elegant, this is one of the best I have seen. Not sure about how to finish either. Seen it both ways. If you appique to a piece, will not the piece be cut on the straight of grain?
    Whatever you do, it is gorgeous.

  5. Your hexagon quilt is fantastic!

  6. I appliqued my Christmas hexagon quilt to two borders to make it bigger. I am very pleased with it.


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