Monday, December 12, 2011


Our company headed north this morning, and DH left for the golf course at 7:30, so I headed right to my sewing room.
I managed to get the borders sorted out and attached to plaid quilt number 3.  I had to get creative, because none of my left-over yardage was long enough for the final border.  The pattern for the centre was "Smokey Mountain Stars" from Quiltville.  

I "double stitched" the corner squares and had lots of half-square triangle units left, so I sewed most of them into pinwheel blocks, then used some of the leftover strips from plaid quilt #2 to make them the right size to fill the gap in the final border.  

Since the two borders had corner squares, I used leftover strips from plaid quilt #1 to make strippy corner squares.

Now I have to get busy and make up the backs for each of these quilts.  Then I'll plan a pin-basting binge with DH - he is an awesome help!  I am determined to have NO LEFTOVER PLAID to take home in the spring!


  1. Pretty! Nice way to use up the scraps and make the borders fit.

  2. I like it and I've always liked that slanted star pattern. Very clever


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