Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had a fun afternoon - the group grows each week.  A few more quilters arrived in the sunny south this week, so there was lots of meeting and greeting going on.

Just as everyone was packing up, it became dark, and suddenly we had rain blowing almost sideways!  Of course, DH used the van to drive to the golf course, with 3 other avid golfers this morning, so I had taken all my stuff to the clubhouse on a borrowed golf cart.  Everyone was phoning for rides home, but I didn't feel right leaving the golf cart in the parking lot, so I called home and left a message for DH to pick me up when he arrived home from golf.  We have a small lending library in the clubhouse, so I spent a few minutes browsing through the books.  Next thing I knew, DH was there - he came straight over to pick me up as soon as he dropped off the other golfers.  The rain had almost stopped, so he drove the golf cart back to the neighbours' home, and I drove home in the van.  My hero to the rescue!
I managed to get the centre of plaid quilt number 3 finished this morning, so I hope to get the borders made tomorrow.  Then I'll put my Pfaff away and get out my Juki, and the quilting will begin!!!

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  1. I also got caught in the rain today when I was out doing pet food shopping. Glad that your DH could come to the rescue. I just took a look at your 2010 quilt page, you were able to finish quite a few quilts this year. Thanks for sharing. I need to learn how to set up pages on my blog. Is it easy?


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