Thursday, December 29, 2011


DH did it again - sprained his ankle at the golf course yesterday.  Only managed to play 9 holes before his minor accident - rode in the cart for the rest of the round, putting ice from his water bottle in his sock to help keep the swelling at bay.
He has had problems with his left ankle for many years.  He tore his Achilles tendon many years ago, and it is slow to heal.  Had a horrible sprain about 5 years ago - same ankle, then his Achilles has been swollen and acting up for the past 6 months.  Doctor said that if he was a pro athlete, they would repair it with surgery, but for a regular person, age 63, he just has to rest and hope it will heal!
Of course, because it has caused him to limp, his hip and back hurt as well.  Now we add a new sprain to the same ankle!
He has finally learned to rest his ankle, so hopefully this too will pass!  He gets bored easily, and likes to keep busy, so the next week will be fun.......

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