Thursday, May 21, 2015


I just realized that it is over 10 days since my last post.  We were at our son's home for 5 of the days....(4 1/2 hours away).  More gardening, grandson time, and his sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday!  It was a small wedding, and we all had a lovely time.  Our 4 month old grandson was on his best behaviour, and his parents even got to eat their whole meal in relative peace.

Here he is in his wedding attire, watching his aunt's wedding ceremony!

The rest of my time has been taken up with meetings.  Quilt show meeting, guild executive meeting, etc.  

DH and I have had 1 of the 4 days scheduled to take pictures of quilts entered in the show.  Those pictures are edited and ready to be organized for the photo CD that will be for sale at the show.
At previous shows, we took the pictures on set-up day, in not always favourable conditions.  I edited pictures all day, swapping memory cards, and continued until 3:30am.  Then DH got up and began burning the CD's so they were ready for show opening!

This year, the show has 282 quilts and quilted items, and we are trying to get as many quilts photographed before set-up.  As is normal for quilters, many are still stitching madly, trying to get their quilts completed.  We have a photo session this evening from 6-10 and tomorrow from 10-4.  I'll be calling more of the entrants today to see if I can book more appointments.
I still have to make bags, with labels, for each of my quilts, and sort out my consignment items for the boutique.  I've already donated several bags full of items. 
DH has also been practicing for the first couple of performances that are scheduled for next week.  He and his partner just spent an hour or so, making a "set list"
Good thing we're retired!!!

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