Monday, May 4, 2015


This is a picture of the front of our townhome, with a few green sprouts in the garden area.  We live in close quarters with our neighbours too.

When we returned north, we noticed Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were strolling past our back garden area.  

A few days later, DH was raking the gardens, preparing to add new mulch, when he saw this peeking from under our Alberta Spruce.
Our next-door neighbours have 3 children, so there is lots of coming and going from their side.  At first, she would be frightened away, but now she watches cautiously, and has even added more eggs to the nest - there were 2 when DH was raking.  We're trying to keep from going past as much as possible.  Our only question is how she is going to get the little ones to water after they hatch.


  1. we keep hoping the geese in the pond across the road will have little ones

  2. How fun to watch the babies hatch and grow! As for getting to watch, maybe an escort would help? ;)


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