Sunday, May 24, 2015


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used year to date  89.875 yards
Fabric added this week  0 yards
Fabric added year to date  62.75 yards
Net used 2015  27.125 yards

DH and I had two photography sessions this week, and we have hit the half-way mark of the quilts entered in the show in June.  Our final session is Wednesday evening, and I'm hoping we'll be overwhelmed with quilts!  Quilters are just like everyone - leaving things to the last minute!  There are also quilts out at other shows, so they won't be available until set-up day.

I hope to have some fabric usage to report next week, as I have to make fabric bags for all my quilts, along with a label for each.  I was hoping to begin my next hand-work project, an applique one, but haven't found the time yet.  I also have 2 more quilts to machine quilt for my guild - the remainder of the BOM blocks from a few months ago, (disappearing 9-patches with novelty fabric squares).

I still have to collect my consignment items for the boutique.  The guild earns a 20% commission on all items sold, although the majority of the items are donated.  There are also quite a few quilts in the show that are for sale.  The purchasers have to wait until Sunday evening to pick up the show quilts.
Then there is our neglected garden - small, but still needs work.  We haven't picked out any plants yet, although DH has planted pole beans to cover the arbor.  I have a few irises blooming, with more to come, the lily-of-the-valley by the front door is lovely, and the day lilies and clematis are growing quickly too.  We had frost on Friday night - quite a shock after having some warm, humid days, so I guess waiting until May 24 to plant is still wise!

Check out Judy's blog, Patchwork Times, to see how other quilters are progressing during gardening season!


  1. Sounds like you and your husband have been plenty busy this week and still more to come. My garden is a mess, so I can totally relate to all your irons in the fire.

  2. We finally managed to get plants in the ground almost 2 weeks behind when we would normally plant. Good luck with all the things you have going.

  3. You sound very busy, not including the garden. Most of my plants are in, but so are the weeds! Have a good week.

  4. Sounds like lots more to do than just stitch. At least you had a balanced week, nothing out, but nothing in. That's still a good week.


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