Friday, May 8, 2015


Busy, but no sewing!  Mama Mallard is still sitting on her nest.  We try to be quiet when coming and going, but she is getting used to us.  We check on her, but we're anxious to see how she'll get those babies to water when they hatch.

Monday was dental check-up day.  Tuesday I spent some time packing my quilts and other items that I needed for our guild meeting on Wednesday.  Then I wrote the message about our quilt photography days, and sent copies to both guild reps to send to all the members.

Wednesday morning DH and I had our annual check-ups.  Still have to find time to see the local vampires for blood-work!  My brother and his wife are visiting Canada from China, so Wednesday afternoon they arrived to spend a couple of days with us!

Since Wednesday was my guild meeting I took her along.  She had fun talking to many of the members, and took lots of pictures of quilts too!  As soon as we returned home, she sent pictures to all her friends in China, and spent the rest of the evening and part of the next morning answering questions.  It was our second last meeting before the big show - so there was lots of quilt show info shared.  We also had a great guest speaker with lots of quilts in her trunk show.

Thursday morning we decided to go on a Thousand Islands cruise.  They only have one boat running this early in the season, and only the 1 hour cruise, but the weather was awesome - warm, blue skies and light wind - a perfect day for a sail.


Part of our trip was through the smaller channel, used by pleasure boats.  The large channel is used for large ships travelling from the great lakes to the gulf of St. Lawrence and beyond.  We passed large homes, and tiny cottages.

We sailed under the northern span of the bridge to USA.  It connects Highway 401 in Canada to Interstate 81 in New York State.

We sailed around Heart Island so we could view Boldt Castle from all sides.  Our cruise lasted for an hour.  The longer cruises don't start until June.  If you wish to visit Boldt Castle, you have to take a boat from the US, usually at Alexandria Bay NY.

We went out for dinner to a local favourite that has been open for 50+years.  Both evenings the "guys" watched the hockey games - my brother's favouite pasttime.

All too soon, if was Friday morning, and they were heading off to Gatineau, Quebec, to visit friends there for a day or two.  As soon as they left, DH and I met another guild member at the guild's storage locker to get 2 quilt stands and one backdrop for use during our photography sessions.  I'm having pretty good response from quilters, and have quite a few sessions booked.  I've tried to remind them that they can bring as many quilts as they have ready, even if they are still stitching the hanging sleeve on some of them.  The more quilts we photograph early, the fewer last minute edits I have to make, and maybe I won't be one of the walking dead (from lack of sleep) during the whole show!

If you are in or around the Kingston ON area, please plan to attend "Quilts Kingston 2015" June 12, 13 and 14.  There will be over 280 quilts and other items on display!

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