Saturday, October 6, 2012


Thanks to Judy for sponsoring this quiltathon - check out all the participants here.

I managed to finish the baby quilt, including the binding by lunch today.  I also found some embellishments for my Christmas Wish project!

Sorry for the washed out picture, but the sun was coming in the patio door while it was taken.
Here is a close-up of the quilting.  I used a variegated thread from Superior King Tut line called Baby Tut.  This is a better shot of the colours in this quilt.  The blocks were donated by my guild members, almost 1500 in bright colours to be made into more quilts!

I'm spending the rest of the day planning projects to take south for the winter.  I also have some new fabric to launder.  Speaking of laundry,  I have almost 3 weeks worth on the go - since I only do laundry on the weekend because of high electricity costs, and since we have had company or been away for the past two weekends - I have huge loads of washing and drying to deal with.  Today is just clothing, and tomorrow I'll catch up with the sheets and towels.  

Ontario has "time of use" billing, with 3 different prices for different hours of the day.  Green is the lowest cost, and all weekends and holidays are green, as well as evenings and overnight.  Since I have no where to set up a clothes line outside, and our basement of our small townhouse is finished (mostly my sewing room), there is no where to hang clothing to dry, so I am forced to use the dryer - a big electricity user!

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  1. Love the feathers!

    I'm glad I don't have to time laundry like that -- I do enough of a balancing act with the hot water heater and a six person household!


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