Monday, October 29, 2012


Nothing to show today - I don't even have a sewing room yet!
DH has been busy cleaning the outside of the sunroom, then he has to clean up the garden and install all the buildings etc., for the garden railway.   Then the cleaning begins on the inside before I can get my sewing room up and running!

After leaving Mary Jo's, we headed to Charleston SC.  We drove down the Ashley River road, and checked out a couple of plantations, but it was too late to really enjoy a tour.  We found our way to "California Dreaming" for dinner.  It is located in an old armory, and has great water views and fantastic food.

After 2 days on the road, we enjoyed a quiet, relaxed meal, while watching the water and boats on the river.

 DH remembered to take a picture of my salad after I had eaten almost half!

Our morning cruise to Ft. Sumter took us past some gorgeous homes along the harbor wall.

The fort is imposing, with the remaining 25 foot walls.  It must have been a sight to see when the walls were twice as high!

We enjoyed the talk by the park ranger - we knew its history during the Civil War, but learned a lot about its constructions, and many interesting details.  The item that was in the shortest supply during the siege, was sewing needles!  They only had 6, and needed to sew the bags holding the gun powder for the cannon charges.  Can you imagine how dull those needles were at the end of the siege!

This picture was taken while standing in the remains of the officers' quarters, looking across the fort.
The effort to restore the fort has been a huge undertaking.  The museum display was well done, and we enjoyed our morning.

We headed out of town and stayed in Brunswick GA.  From there it is about a 4 hour trip to our southern home.  We were greeted by our neighbours upon our arrival, and just as DH was  unloading the final Rubbermaid tote from the car, a florist truck pulled up with a beautiful arrangement, sent by SDIL2, with a note saying "Happy Mothers-in Law Day"!
I called her right away to thank her for such a lovely surprise!  Now off to unpack more stuff!
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