Thursday, October 18, 2012


I finished the second part of my quilt guild's BOM.  I decided to make both versions, and I wanted to sew the next part before I begin serious packing for our trip south for the winter.

Here's option 1 with the square in a square border attached.  I had fun playing with some striped fabric.....

Here's option 2  with its square in the square border.  The centre block was paper pieced on this one, and the border blocks could be done that way too.  I chose the traditional method instead.

I just spent some time using EQ7 to help design the quilt for our Godson.  I am using a pattern, but instead of making 16 blocks, I'll be making 35.  My design is basic, but gives me the finished size of the quilt so I can calculate how much fabric to buy for the back, and also gives me the finished size of the two borders.  These will be pieced on the quilt, using leftovers from the blocks, but I know what size they have to be, so I don't make pieces that are too short or two long.

I've been looking over my list of projects that I hope to finish this winter, and it is much longer than I thought.  I keep a notebook with lists of projects that remain in our winter home, as well as batting, partial bolts of fabric, and rulers etc.  That way I don't have to transport my entire sewing room, although DH accuses me of that, every year as he packs the van!

DH and I are off to Kitchener tomorrow, to have a visit with DS2 and DDIL2.  We'll be delivering their Christmas gifts, and getting some extra hugs to last the winter.  On the way home, we'll stop in Toronto to do the same with DS1 and DDIL1.  Then three days of serious packing, laundry, cleaning, and checking our lists at least 3 or 4 times.  DH gets pretty fanatic about his lists, but when we are packing for the winter, they sure come in handy!

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