Friday, October 12, 2012


I enjoyed my morning with the Community Quilts group from my guild on TuesdayI handed  in my finished baby quilt, then we all designed quilt kits, using some of the 1500 blocks that were donated.  Our hostess, Ann, has tons of fabric that was donated, so we had fun laying out the blocks, then looking for fabric for borders and binding.  I played until they stopped for lunch (which smelled terrific), then headed home.  

DH and I went out to do a long list of errands, including the final few stops to pick up the final Christmas gifts on our list.  DH took his guitar into the shop for a tune-up, and before we knew it, it was time for dinner!

Wednesday, I spent the morning with my BFF.  We made a Christmas themed jumper for one of her granddaughters, then cut batting and backings for the last 3 sets of placemats.

Thursday, I rummaged through the hangers that store my panels, and made up two aprons and a matching oven mitt.  Then I looked through my drawers of completed small items, and made a stack of things to give to my BFF for her church's November sale and lunch.  I also found some older panels for Christmas wall hangings, so I set them out to take south for completion.

Today DH and I are celebrating our 44th anniversary!
 Sunday we are driving the Coe Hill to spend the day with DSIL Marilyn and DBIL Bob - our final visit before our trip south.


  1. Happy Anniversary! That's no small feat, making it for 44 years. :D

    1. No marriage is without bumps along the way. We worked hard to keep together, and now are enjoying retirement. DH will be 65 next year, so we hope to have many more years ahead.

  2. Happy anniversary to both of you! That's just wonderful! :)

  3. Happy happy anniversary.Congrats on 44 years!


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