Sunday, October 21, 2012


No changes this week!  Still at 72.125 yards used for the year.

Head over to Judy's blog to check others progress this week.
Busy doing laundry and packing all my quilting stuff to be used over the next 5 1/2 months while we spend the winter in warmer climates!
It is fun packing all the fabric kits that I've made up, packing tools that have no duplicates (I have some rulers etc. left in our southern home),  boxes of threads, pre-cut scrap strips, leaders and enders bins, etc.  The list is endless!
Add to that the few kitchen tools that I bring along each year - necessary to my happy cooking experience, but too expensive to duplicate!  
We always knew that we'd be selling our southern home in the future, and we plan on selling it almost as is - just removing some personal momentos, quilts etc.  Eventually either our health or cost of health insurance will force us to spend winters in the land of snow and ice!  At least we won't have to do much shovelling, except for our front step!   

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  1. Have a safe trip to a warmer climate. It's great that you have planned ahead with fabric kits.


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