Sunday, November 4, 2012


Used this week  1.375 yards
Used year to date   198.375 yards
Added this week  6 yards
Added year to date  147.125 yards
Net used 2012   51.25 yards

Stopped into Joann's in Lakeland this week and picked up 2 pieces of "white on white" - on sale and an additional 25% off - the only time to shop.  Seems I've added lots of fabric this  year, but I've still used more than I added - yahoo!

I finished a table runner this week.  I had pieced it and pin-basted it before heading south, so it was an easy project to pick up and complete.  My sewing room is mostly set up.  I still have to wait for DH to empty one set of plastic drawers (he stores garden railway items there in the summer), then my unpacking will be completed!

We've been having visitors in our yard each day in the late afternoon.  Today I watched them eating acorns - we have lots!  They are large birds with no fear of us, and they have very loud voices, but are usually silent.  After a while, they continued their stately walk down the street....

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  1. They're so pretty! Hey, My dad would love to borrow these two to eat the acorns in his yard!! lol

  2. They are really big friends.! Your stash report looks impressive to me. It shows you've done a lot of sewing this year! Way to go.

  3. Hi, Susan
    I live in Lakeland fla.
    want to meet another Quilter
    who follows your blog? :)
    Dani S.
    email me for details


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