Sunday, November 18, 2012


We had our normal slow Sunday morning start - reading the paper, looking at the ads, drinking coffee and tea.....

After lunch, DH and I headed to the clubhouse to use the long tables and pin basted 5 quilts!
  Three are baby quilts, all with different green flannel backings, and the other two are scrappy - one lap quilt, and one almost twin size quilt.  Both are helping to use my leaders and enders!  I love that I can make a good part of one quilt while piecing another....
Tomorrow morning, the quilting begins!  (My sewing room gets too warm in the afternoons to be comfortable).  Besides, I managed to find both sons at home this afternoon, and spent time catching up.  Both daughters-in-law have a cold!
DH has booked a tee time at one of the Disney courses - half price for passholders, so I'll have most of Tuesday to quilt with very few interruptions.  I don't have a phone in my sewing room, and I like that way.  That's what an answering machine is for!

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