Sunday, November 18, 2012


DH and I aren't big at participating in garage sales.  Today was the bi-annual sale for our community.

Last spring, I rescued a sewing machine - a 70's singer in a desk.  We cleaned and deodorized the desk, and cleaned the machine.
  DH helped me and we took all the housing off the machine, cleaned out all the old grease, lint, etc.  Added new grease and oiled all the many places.  The Singer 758 was a slant-stitch machine with cams for zig-zag and other stitches.  The original book was included - a big help - and there was even the original receipt - 1972  almost $400.00!
I had to order new feed dogs, but they were easy to replace, and after running the machine for a while, it ran smoothly, and with a great stitch.
We put the machine in its desk, out for the sale this morning.  Many people stopped to see it, but no one wanted the desk.  After a while, DH took it out of the desk, and within a few minutes it had a new home.  We are hoping someone will take the desk - it is still out with a "free" sign. 


  1. Wish that I lived close the machine looks good.

  2. Wow, does this bring back memories. Don't know the exact model, but either Mom or Grandma or both had something like this. Maybe it's the age I'm getting to but I'm having fun remembering things like this.



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