Thursday, May 2, 2013


I miss two things when we head south each winter.  First, I miss seeing my family.  Second, I miss all the fun at my quilt guild.

Last night our guest speaker was Susan Purney Mark.  She kept us entertained with tales of her many quilting adventures.  She also brought lovely quilts and fabric for everyone to see and feel.  I had already made a quilt from one of her books, Accent on Angles so I didn't sign up for the full day workshop today.  Of course, I forgot my camera again!!!!
There were many quilts displayed for show and tell, and a local Brownie group attended the meeting to show the quilts made from blocks that they had designed and made.  The finished quilts were donated to our guild's community quilts program, to be given to those in need.
I enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces, and hope to spend next Tuesday at the community quilts work day and pot luck lunch!

I am busy machine quilting BOM quilt version 1.
  I've done all the straight line quilting, and I'm working on the light background areas next.  I often quilt all the areas of one colour at the same time.  I guess I find it easier than changing threads and adjust tensions.  I usually begin with the area that I already have a quilting plan for, and it gives me time to think of a design for the rest of the quilt.  I need to get both of my BOM's quilted so I can show them at the June spring dinner meeting!
I've also been working on my hexie project.  I have the units finished for the next two rows, and now I am adding background hexies, (pale blue Fairy Frost fabric), to each, then sewing them to their neighbour.  These rows have larger units, so I only have to make 8 per row.  I'm also taking out the papers to recycle them into more basted hexies. 
 I'm getting more accomplished than I thought, but that is due to my sore knee - I've been doing less stair climbing, and more sitting! (not really a good thing).    

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  1. Your hexie project is looking amazing!! I wish I could have gone to the meeting last night, and the workshop today. But I spent my time in the hospital with my husband.


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