Saturday, May 25, 2013


Pardon the creases and folds - I finished adding the final two blocks to the first three rows last weekend, so it is folded and put away for a while!  These are the centre three rows - I decided to work out from the centre, as the rows are the same above and below the centre small flower block row.

So far I have completed 14 of the 32 small flower blocks for the next two rows.  I will decided their placement in the rows before adding the left and right ends and the borders, and then add them to the main quilt!

Last night, DH and his friend entertained for an hour at a senior's residence.  Everyone enjoyed the music, but asked for more "sing along" on their next visit!  DH plays "our music", but will add some older songs next time, as the audience is 15 to 25 years older, and didn't recognize some of the songs!


  1. What a wonderful thing your DH & friend are doing! And you are churning out those lovely hexies. So glad you linked to It's Hexie Friday - shows a way to attach those flowers I hadn't seen before. Great idea.

  2. Your hexies are just beautiful.Go,less to the goal!

  3. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I love it!!


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